Zayn Malik Marijuana Pics Fail to Stoke Moral Outrage Online

In an absolutely revolting and completely surprising turn of events, former One Direction member Zayn Malik is now a burgeoning bad boy, having recently posted two moody, monochrome pictures of himself smoking what appears to be marijuana to his Instagram account.

If upon hearing this news you find yourself joining the millions of fans all around the world shocked that a young millionaire pop star might have fallen under the spell of cannabis, perhaps even praying for Zayn to come forth and explain that the pictures are some sort of joke, remember that just before quitting the band  in March of this year Malik and his One Direction cohorts found themselves in hot water after being filmed smoking marijuana while touring South America, and were in fact asked to pay a bond of $5,000  to the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration, which would have been forfeit should any member of the group be caught smoking up while touring the country.

It is possible that discovering that Zayn Malik smokes marijuana strikes you as no surprise, especially following the recent controversy following the MTV Video Music Awards, where many of what would probably qualify as Malik’s contemporaries made their love of the sweet leaf abundantly clear (much to the chagrin of some watchdog groups). But maybe you held out hope that Malik, he of the soft eye and up-swept hair, who always seemed a little more down to earth than his pals, who seemed to value artistic integrity over commercial success, would abstain. Maybe you thought he’d have the strength of character to keep a clear head, that he’d skew more Roger Daltrey than Keith Richards.

If the above describes the heartbreak and disillusionment you are experiencing at hearing that a wealthy, artistic 20-something smokes marijuana, puzzle over this: it is almost as though no one in the media is outraged that Malik posted these photographs. A quick search through Twitter turns up mostly messages in support of Malik, some even offering to smoke up with the heartthrob. A Google News search turns up just two stories on the topic.

Where is the outrage? Where are the crowds heaping One Direction records in a supermarket parking lot and cheering as they’re crushed by a steamroller? Why bother keeping the tines on this pitchfork so carefully honed when people refuse to get an angry mob going?



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