’s Stoner Week Highlights Pot in Pop Culture

New York Magazine‘s pop culture blog has just completed Stoner Week, a celebration of the myriad ways marijuana has worked itself into entertainment culture.

Features include articles like “The Making of  Modern Stoner,” an in-depth, decade-spanning look at the evolution of marijuana in television and film, running from Cheech and Chong to modern comedy series like like Comedy Centrals zeitgeist-defining Broad City and the online hit High Maintenance, which is currently preparing for a six-episode run on HBO.

The connection between marijuana and comedy is also examined in a round-table discussion with Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman and Max Silvestri, with each comedian discussing the role marijuana takes in their personal comedic process as well as the larger culture, and an article focused on Cartoon Network’s late-night subversive Adult Swim block of trippy programing.

Most interestingly, the Vulture staff has created an extensive slideshow laying out The Stoner Canon: 101 Trippy Movies, Albums, Books, TV Shows, and More which features all the music (Yes, Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin) and movies (Big Lebowski, Dazed & Confused) you might expect as well as a bunch of strange but fitting curveballs–Marlon James’ 2014 novel “A History of Seven Killings” and Maria Abramovic’s 2010 Museum of Modern Art installation piece that saw her sit quietly and stare down anyone who queued to sit across from her for 736 hours.

The list is comprehensive, and some of the items included are definitely debatable, but what is fascinating is how the list exposes how deeply, and in how many, ways marijuana and mainstream culture have merged.

The features run during Vulture’s Stoner Week aren’t all celebrations. An editorial by former At The Drive-In and Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala details the lauded musician’s break from believing that marijuana was key to his creativity—at one point he was spending $1,000 a week on marijuana—and current smoke-free, creatively fertile life.

Head over to for all this and more—it’s a fascinating look at the part marijuana plays in current pop culture, and largely lots of fun.

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