Top 5 Reasons Dosage Control is a Game Changer for the Cannabis Industry

By Jonathan Gilinski

Our industry is not being taken seriously … and for good reason. After all, what happens when a patient needs the medical benefits of cannabis to treat a particular ailment? Rather than being prescribed a specific treatment from a licensed doctor who has the necessary experience and training, patients must often rely on the dispensary cashier to help determine exactly what to take.

The ability to create a non-combustible formulation that provides patients with reliable dosage control is therefore a true game-changer for the medical cannabis industry. Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Eliminates unpredictability. The current legislation in most jurisdictions allows producers to work within a specified margin of error. But this margin of error can be so large that it eliminates the ability to provide consistent, predictable results. For example, if a cookie is labeled as having 5 mg of THC, the actual THC in the product must be within a “reasonable margin of error” in order to receive a Certificate of Analysis from a laboratory testing company. But what exactly is a “reasonable margin of error”? With no set guidelines, inconsistencies are inevitable.
  2. Creates a more sellable product. Dosage control enables doctors to assure patients that they are consuming an exact, specified amount of product, eliminating over- and under-medication problems, which are all too common.
    No one worries when they take an over-the-counter pain killer that they will be getting more acetaminophen than what is listed on the bottle. However, a common worry among patients when consuming medibles is that they will receive more cannabis than they were anticipating, thus ruining the desired effect.
  3. Improves the user experience. The non-psychoactive components in a product can be specifically formulated to complement the psychoactive components, creating improved outcomes and a better user experience overall. For example, by combining other ingredients with cannabis we can create anything from sleep aides and mood enhancers to formulations that enhance focus and attention.
  4. Widens product’s appeal. Dosage control increases the overall appeal of medical cannabis, and creates an interest among people who would never consider “pot” to be a prescribed medicine. Because dosage control can only be associated with the smokeless options, it divorces medical cannabis from the stigma associated with smoking the flower, as well as all of the issues surrounding smoke itself.
  5. Helps legitimize the industry. By utilizing dosage control, our industry is able to mimic the infrastructure and approach of the pharmaceutical industry, whereby medicines are prescribed rather than recommended. The delivery of medical cannabis becomes just like the delivery of all other accepted medications.


Jonathan Gilinski is a seasoned authority in the hard-capsule field with more than 20 years of experience in capsule manufacturing and encapsulation. Over 10 years ago, Jonathan founded Capsuline, a company which has become a top provider of capsule products worldwide. At Capsuline he further developed his detailed knowledge of all aspects of the hard capsule manufacturing process, including capsule formulation, proper material handling, product design, branding, equipment function and more.

The Capsule Consulting Group is Jonathan’s latest venture. TCCG utilizes Jonathan’s expertise and extensive network of industry resources to provide capsule consulting services to the emerging cannabis markets. TCCG’s consulting services offer turnkey solutions for businesses by providing them with premium capsules and product branding opportunities, formulation assistance, equipment sourcing, machine installation, staff training and technical support.

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