Princeton Review Releases Annual Reefer Madness List

The Princeton Review, an education company that specializes in test preparation, online tutoring, and college rankings, has released its annual Reefer Madness list of the best schools to attend if one of your educational priorities is getting a buzz on. 

Most of the schools on this year’s list feature low enrollment numbers, the smallest being Marlboro College in Vermont, with only 240 students. The largest schools on the list are University of Colorado Boulder, with 26,426 students, and the University of Wisconsin–Madison—where marijuana is illegal across the board—with enrollment of 31,289. 

The schools that top this year’s list skew toward states where marijuana is now legal for either medicinal or recreational purposes, with two New York schools—Ithica College and Skidmore College—topping the ranks. Whether this indicates that New York state, where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes only, also features the highest number of students with serious health concerns, is hard to say, as The Princeton Review does not offer such a ranking. 

That there is almost no overlap between the Reefer Madness list and Princeton Review’s rankings of Best Campus Food and Happiest Students is interesting. Only one school, University of California, Santa Barbara, appears on both the Reefer Madness and Happiest Students lists,  and Skidmore is the only school that is ranked for Reefer Madness and Best Campus Food.

The list of schools with the Least Happy Students features several schools located in states with relaxed marijuana laws, and while no school from the Reefer Madness list is cross referenced between the two, schools in New York state take the top two spots on both. So here’s an idea—why not get the heads of the schools ranked as Least Happy, Best Food, and Reefer Madness together and have them swap ideas until all these institutions have plenty of marijuana and great food, thus inevitably rocketing up the rankings and turning a whole lot of frowns upside down? Who knows how this plan will affect academics, but does anyone who is getting hung up on what schools have good vittles and plenty of pot really care that much about grades in the first place?

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