Potent Potables: Drinking Your Marijuana

Smoking, vaporizing and eating marijuana-infused products is nothing new, but what if the consumer does not like these choices? There is another option that is quickly gaining traction. Marijuana products that are drinkable are becoming a more viable and available option for consumers.

While THC-infused oils and tinctures as a supplement to drinks and cooking are one of the most popular items in recreational marijuana shops, what is new are marijuana-infused products that are manufactured with the specific purpose of being ready to drink. Perhaps one of the most interesting of these is the single serving Catapult coffee pod.

These pods are designed to work with the popular Keurig-style coffee makers, essentially a small single serving pod that creates an instant cup of marijuana-infused coffee. Produced by Fairwinds Manufacturing, a Washington state cannabis grower and processor, the pods are one product in a line of interesting takes on how to consume marijuana. Fairwinds uses coffee from local, Pacific Northwest roasters, because part of its goal is to help promote small Washington businesses. Each serving contains 10 milligrams of THC.

Other products in Fairwinds’ line include tinctures made with coconut oils, capsules and oils specifically made for inhaling. The products are available at licensed Washington marijuana retailers.

Another Washington-based manufacturer zeroing in on the market is Mirth Provisions, a company whose specialty is infused cold brew beverages. Originally, the company sought to produce a cold brew coffee product, but Washington regulations regarding bottling pasteurized THC products caused the company to shift focus. Now, it is selling a line of sparkling soft drinks called Legal, all containing 20 milligrams of THC oil. The flavors are available in Pomegranate, Lemon Ginger and Rainier Cherry—made with Washington cherries.

Outside of Washington, Colorado is home to a company called Dixie Elixirs. Dixie specializes in edibles and elixirs, offering a one shot coffee drink infused with 10 milligrams of THC. The Mint Coffee Lift is a coffee flavored drink designed to give a quick “ramp up” effect, while the Citrus Acai Lift is made to be more refreshing.

While currently limited to Colorado due to a ban on selling marijuana across state lines, in July, Dixie products will be available in California due to a partnership with Altai Brands and supported by the INDUS Holding Company.

There are even products for those that might like the smell of marijuana in the morning but not want the high that goes along with it. For these consumers there is the coffee and tea company Compelling & Rich, which offers a product called Cannabis-conditioned Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. It is a coffee blend where the raw green coffee beans are smoked with cannabis flowers. Because this process happens before the roasting, the THC is burned off, leaving nothing but residual notes of marijuana in the smell with none of the hallucinogenic effects.

Much like edibles, care needs to be taken that these products, which resemble normal coffee, energy shots and sodas, stay out of the hands of minors and are consumed safely.

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