Getting the Word Out

Join me in taking the pro-cannabis message to the masses, making an effort to extend beyond an audience of those who are open to our views and instead focusing on those for whom cannabis isn’t an issue.

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Marijuana Investor News 2015-05-03 11:03:37

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Alice B. Toklas: Inspiration to an Edibles Chef

In her cookbook, Toklas wittily explained that upon eating her marijuana confections, one would experience, “Euphoria and brilliant storms of laughter; ecstatic reveries and extensions of one’s personality on several simultaneous planes are to be complacently expected.”

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Drug Policy Alliance’s Stock Photos Dispel Stereotypes

Goodbye to the tie-dye T-shirts and other stereotypical “stoner” images in cannabis-related news, or at least that is the goal of Drug Policy Alliance’s recently released marijuana user stock photos.

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Cannabis Economy to Restore Trust in America

A virtual oligopoly of corporate interests has created financial repression in the form of high ‘real’ unemployment and historically low wages and wage growth across a large swathe of American society. For much of the US workforce today, only near minimum wages are obtainable. A married couple with two kids in a typical American town, [&hellip

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Medicinally, Hash Oil Trumps Hemp Oil

The oil from cannabis seeds is both a nutritional and medical miracle suppressed in world history only since the DuPont Family and Friends eradicated cannabis with their 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. Despite their interchangeability in the literature, hemp and hash oil are quite distinct due to their relative content of psychoactive THC, which is one [&hellip

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First Municipal Pot Shop: A Panacea For Sagging Local Economies?

The first municipal-run marijuana dispensary in America, called The Cannabis Corner, opened this past weekend in Bonneville, a tiny town near Portland, Washington, populated by roughly 1,000 people. The pot shop is run by the town’s public development authority and is funded by private loans, which took out the initial $15,000 town loan. As the [&hellip

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Colorado Did $700 Million in Official Weed Sales Last Year!

In its first recreational year, Colorado sold $700 million of medical and recreational marijuana, covering 75 tons of cannabis flower and 50 million units of pot edibles, according to the Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Annual Report. The really big news though is that recreational weed accounted for a full 45% of this revenue, despite this sub-sector’s [&hellip

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The All-Seeing Cannabis

If cannabis awakens us, then why are they rapidly legalizing it? If you use cannabis, you probably are awake to some degree. Awake means something different from person to person, an unbroken chain from abject robotic conformity to full consciousness. And waking up is hard to do! Marijuana helps us achieve illumination, the secret sauce, so [&hellip

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