Oregon Rejects Donation from Cannabis Industry Group

Earlier this month, the Oregon Department of Human Services rejected a charitable donation from a cannabis industry group. Founded by Lindsey Jacobsen, the group Women Leaders in Cannabis had planned to donate 20 Thanksgiving Day meals to needy families in Eugene and had asked the department for help disseminating the donations.

According to Oregon Live, the donation was initially welcomed by the department but was later turned down.

“It was related to the fact that it was a marijuana-related business and the discomfort by the DHS office that it would give the appearance of some kind of endorsement,” explained Gene Evans, a department spokesman.

Evans went on to say that because the department works with many families suffering from substance abuse, they would be just as likely to reject donations from the alcohol industry as they would from the cannabis industry.

Despite the rejection, Jacobsen’s group was eventually able to connect with a local autism group that was willing to accept and distribute the donation.

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