New ‘Medical Marijuana Desk Reference’ Fills Educational Supply Demand

While there is no shortage of medical marijuana product, there is a shortage of easily accessible and comprehensive education for doctors and patients. With its new publication, “Medical Marijuana Desk Reference,” Signal Bay (OTC: SGBY) is working to change that and to bring the medical marijuana supply and demand curve into closer alignment as a result.

The book is a collaboration between Signal Bay co-founder and President Lori Glauser and researcher Alicia Wilbur, Ph.D., and is a compilation of 80 medical conditions for which medical cannabis may provide relief. Wilbur accessed more than 800 research studies to support the publication.

The publication is well designed and easy to read and makes often complex medical information easy to understand. The book is intended for patients, caregivers, family members, bud tenders, physicians and anyone who wants to better understand medical cannabis.

“I’ve personally seen friends and close family members experience significant improvements in their quality of life through cannabis, and in some cases, replacing addictive painkillers and side-effect laden anti-depressants with cannabis. I wanted to learn for myself, and share with others, the empirical evidence that backs up the patient stories,” said Glauser.

MMDR is an excellent primer for beginners, or a refresher for the more experienced. It Is well worth reading cover to cover and is a must-have reference book. The medical cannabis education supply/demand curve is in a far better place because of this book.

The book is the first in a series and is available at The hard cover edition is 202 pages and retails for $99.95 and the soft cover edition is 226 pages and the price is $34.95.

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