New Delivery Service Flow Kana Has Lofty Goals

Flow Kana, a new San Francisco-based medical marijuana delivery service, has much loftier goals than just dominating the delivery market—they’re looking to change the world.

Their website invites you to “Set the course of your cannabis journey,” and details their farm-to-table ethos, advertising product that is 100-percent sun grown, pure green, and connoisseur grade. They’re big on sustainability, accountability, and fair pricing, developing product on a 100-percent solar powered farm in Mendicino County.

A recent Buzzfeed article details a visit to Flow Kana’s first in a projected series of what CEO Michael Steinmetz describes as “culture changing events.” For $45, participants were invited to sample a variety of strains and products including a chocolate hazelnut spread containing 10mg of cannabis called Kanatella, and then watch a movie.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Steinmetz said he is planning a series of events, with ideas for gallery openings and conferences. He believes that widespread marijuana legalization will have a positive impact on society, and wants to “elevate the conversation around cannabis, eliminate the stigma, and bring it into our daily lives.”

It is unclear how getting high and watching a movie might elevate conversation or eliminate a stigma, as getting high and watching a movie is a large part of daily life for many marijuana enthusiasts, but Steinmetz certainly has a vision and his angle on sustainability and all-natural growing will surely resonate with users and might set it apart from local competitor Eaze, which recently raised around $10 million dollars from investors.

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