Marijuana Detection Times and Urine Drug Tests

Before you begin to read this article it is essential you understand the amount of variability involved in this subject. The factors that can affect this, ranges from a person’s diet, metabolism, stress, to the amount and potency of marijuana ingested. Luckily, I found a great article that answered a tremendous amount of my own questions on the subject, and my own testing gave me even more insight I can share with you. From the California NORML page I found a great write up.  But before we dive into my findings its best you understand the drug tests that you will probably be taking in the near future. Most urine tests that are administered test for a marijuana by-product called THC-COOH. This is a non-psychoactive chemical that does not make you high but merely exists in your body after your body has broken down the THC you have used. The urine tests that do exist are called the immunoassay test and the gas chromatography and mass spectrometry test. The main difference between these two tests is the GC/MS is much more sensitive then the immunoassay test and is more accurate and the immunoassay test tends to turn up more false positives because of its sensitivity to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Many tests have certain fail-safes so that people cannot cheat on them. They test for the levels of creatinine in your urine to check if it is diluted. They also check for certain additives that can be applied to urine that can mask a positive result. Some tests also test for the temperature of your urine to make sure it is not a substitute. Last but not least different tests check for different levels of THC-COOH in your urine. It can range from 15-50 ng (nanograms). The higher the level the easier it will be to pass a drug test. I have personally smoked 6 days before a test with a 20 ng threshold and have passed but I was clean before I smoked and I had a little less than a bowl pack. I have also smoked 5 grams on one day, .75 grams on the next day, and .5 grams the next day, and barely passed a home drug test 7 days later that tests at a 50 ng threshold. This was after working out everyday (I ran about 5 miles a day). I am about 140 pounds and am pretty fit with a quick metabolism so I can metabolize the by-product pretty quickly. From the NORML website I found these very informative graphs. This particular graph show the urine THC-COOH levels of 4 users who were clean before they smoked 1 marijuana cigarette. The person who ingested the Oral dose had a very potent brownie.   This particular graph shows how long it takes for regular marijuana users to test negative on a drug test. This last graph shows how long it takes for chronic marijuana users to test negative as well. Marijuana can stay in your system from literally 3-50 days depending on how much you smoke and all of the factors I spoke about earlier. It is important to know when you are going to get tested and prepare accordingly. I have to give a special thanks to the people who work on the California NORML page; they have helped me out a lot in my own drug testing endeavors and the website is really worth visiting. Lastly, this program that you find on the internet is a huge farce and is COMPLETE BS. It is called, Online THC Calculator, it is not accurate at all and is only there to scare people into buying detox product you can find it here if you want to play with. If you want to know how we would recommend you detox you can visit our article here. Cheers, The Weed Street Journal The post Marijuana Detection Times and Urine Drug Tests first appeared on The Weed Street Journal.