Illinois Medical Cannabis Dispensary Salveo Health & Wellness Ready to Open

Salveo Health & Wellness has completed its state registration and is on schedule to open as soon as medicine is available in Illinois.


CANTON, Ill., Sept. 23, 2015 — Salveo Health & Wellness is a medical cannabis dispensary in Illinois District 14, and is the first dispensary in central Illinois to be registered by the state. The build out of the facility is complete, state inspectors performed a final walkthrough recently, and the dispensary will be ready to provide medicine as soon as cannabis is ready to sell. The store’s staff has been in contact with cultivators across the state and will be ready to go once cannabis is available.

Once open the storefront will focus not only on offering medical cannabis, but also on supporting holistic health, and promoting community involvement and service. It will offer herbal teas, essential oils and other wellness products, and it will host educational seminars in its community meeting space.

The dispensary recently launched its new website,, which includes a large focus on patient education regarding both the Illinois Pilot Program, and medical cannabis itself. The long federal prohibition has resulted in many misconceptions, and the company believes that information is the best cure for misunderstanding. Salveo Health & Wellness hopes to serve as a premiere informational resource not only for patients, but also for anyone interesting in learning about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

To foster a sense of openness and transparency in the community the dispensary recently held an open house that was attended by over 150 people including the mayor of Canton and several aldermen.


Salveo Health & Wellness has partnered with Medical Cannabis Outreach to help prospective patients navigate the application process, and has been hosting seminars over the course of the summer on the Illinois Pilot Program, and on the benefits of medical cannabis.


About Salveo Health & Wellness

The Salveo Health & Wellness medical cannabis dispensary serves Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, McDonough, and Warren counties. It is the third dispensary in Illinois to officially complete its registration with the state, and the first in central Illinois. “Salveo” in Latin means, “To be well.” Salveo Health & Wellness believes in holistic care, and is committed to providing the aid and the products needed to support healthy minds and bodies. The company provides a multidisciplinary approach to care, and offers patients relief from symptoms of illness – including mental and physical stress, and pain. Ultimately “well-being” means more than being free from medical conditions, and Salveo Health & Wellness strives to support true wellness by supporting optimal mental, emotional, and physical health. Salveo Health & Wellness is operated by Evergreen Dispensary, L.L.C.



Eric Atienza
Director of Communications
o: 312-981-5142
c: 312-493-6032
3100 Main Street
Canton IL, 61520

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