How to save time, money and stress with a grow room monitor

The aim of the game is to grow the best quality plants, right? Growing excellent plants requires dedication, time and investment. That means that there is often an element of stress thrown in too. But, there’s a solution to the stress and ways to save time and money too. What is the solution, you ask? A grow room monitor. Think of a grow room monitor or grow room sensor as that much desired extra pair of eyes on your plants at all times. A trusted advisor giving you data and insights into your operations.

What is a grow room monitor?

A grow room monitor is a clever device that sits inside your grow room environment. The sensor will monitor lots of key environmental factors related to the growing conditions that your plants need. For example, a grow room monitor will keep an eye on conditions such as temperature, humidity and vapour pressure deficit (VPD.) Some grow room monitors also track light spectrum or light intensity and CO2 too. You can use the data recorded by grow room monitors to make decisions about how to make improvements to your setup. This will also allow you to enhance the quality of your product.

Why do I need a grow room monitor?

Understanding the environmental factors within your grow room is important. These elements will impact the quality of your product and also the processes you use. Once you have access to high-level data you may notice that you are wasting resources, or underutilising equipment. This could inform you to make changes to your processes so that your grow room runs more productively. Accurate data and insight will make it easier to decide how to adapt and improve your grow room. As a result, you will be able to grow the best plants you can.

How will a grow room monitor save me time?

Time is precious and it can often feel like it’s running away when you have to check up on your plants so frequently. Making decisions based on assumptions about what your plants need to thrive also takes up time and headspace. Using a grow sensor will take the brunt of this workload. Leaving you and your team free to use your time for other important or more fun things. The data produced by the sensors inside a grow room monitor will also provide you with insights into your growing cycles. It might be that you can optimise and reduce the length of these and fit more cycles in – great!

How will a grow room monitor save me money?

Often one of thelargest costs in the growing industry is labour. Whether you grow solo or are part of a team, a grow room monitor can reduce the need to check your plants as often and so reduce the labour time required. Another cost that often mounts up is energy. By monitoring the conditions of your grow room, you will be able to learn where there is potential for energy saving. For example, the temperature of your grow room might be too high. In this case, you could try using less heating or less intensive lighting. It may be that your dehumidifiers are not running as efficiently as possible or need updating.  All of these actions would have a positive impact on lowering your energy use and could therefore save you some money.  A grow room sensor can help to reduce waste too. By tailoring your grow room conditions, there will be less wastage generated by dead or underperforming plants. Less waste means less money spent on replacing plants.

How will a grow room monitor save me stress?

Take a load of stress off of your mind by using a grow room sensor to monitor your grow room. The accurate and detailed data provided by the sensor will help you in problem-solving. Instead of making assumptions about the cause of an issue, the data will help you pinpoint what is happening in real-time. The reduction in time and financial pressures also reduces stress. You will no longer be wasting time, money or worrying about the conditions of your grow room. This leaves your mind free to do other things like spending time with friends or even having some time off. Maintaining optimal growing conditions will result in happier plants. This further reduces any stress about delivering a high-quality product.

How will a grow room monitor improve my product?

Feeling pressured about time and money is something that anyone wants to avoid. These pressures have a big impact on the quality of your end product. As well as impacting the sustainability of yourself and your team. In the case of indoor growing, there are many elements to keep track of. It is easy to lose sight of one or two crucial factors, resulting in poor quality or loss of plants.  Spending more time and money can often seem like the only way to improve your product. Unless your growing conditions are at the best level, you are not going to achieve a stand out product. That’s why using a grow room monitor is the first step to improving the quality of your crop.

How will a grow monitor improve the sustainability of my product?

A grow room monitor can also help to improve the green credentials of your grow room and product. Gaining information about your growing conditions can help you to improve the energy and resource use in your setup. Using less energy means lower costs of production and reduced CO2 emissions. This can reduce any guilt about your impact on the environment. Giving you more confidence to shout about the sustainability of your product, and so you should!

Who are grow room monitors for?

If growing is your hobby…

The fully automated grow room controllers that are often used in large scale commercial grow facilities are likely to be way out of your price range. But fear not, a grow room monitor is the ideal solution in terms of affordability and the benefits that it will bring to you and your product. Your knowledge and horticultural skills will develop naturally when using a grow room sensor. Allowing you to become a confident and successful grower.

If growing is your profession…

You may already have a grow room controller in your grow space. A grow room monitor (or monitors) can work well alongside your current system. Combining the two gives you an in-depth view of your grow room, highlighting its successes and potential areas for improvement. The extra data can also help you to tailor your grow room conditions to the specifics required by your chosen plants. A good grow room sensor will instantly notify you in the event of a crisis, allowing you to respond quickly to save your crop and the associated profits. Your reputation as a grower and your knowledge are two things that are crucial to uphold. A grow room sensor will give you complete control and confidence over your growing facility. You will be able to have peace of mind that you are maintaining the ideal conditions required to grow top quality plants with minimum stress.


If you want to regain some of your time, reduce your costs and lower your stress levels when it comes to indoor growing, then a grow room monitor could be just the thing you are searching for. Knowledge is power! The more accurate and relevant data you can get your hands on, the less need for guesswork or questioning the outcome of your decisions. There are many environmental factors at play within your grow room, so many that it’s really tricky to keep track of them all yourself. A grow room sensor is a clever little thing that will save you the headache of trying to keep on top of everything. Anything that saves you time, money and stress has to be a winner right!