How To Get Weed in Washington, DC in 2022 : The Ultimate Guide

Although DC weed laws are confusing on the outside, the process of getting quality cannabis legally in DC is actually quite simple once you have a basic understanding of Initiative 71  and the gifting system. In fact, if you are coming from out of town or just warming up to the idea of cannabis, then DC is a great place for you. The nation’s capital is home to many different storefronts, a plethora of delivery services and much more. This is the ultimate guide for how to get weed safely and legally in 2022.

Is Weed Legal in DC?

Yes cannabis is 100% legal for recreational use and has been since 2015. Cannabis became recreationally legal in 2015 when initiative 71 passed with 64.87% approval, and allowed for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, 6 cannabis plants per household, and the gifting of up to one ounce of weed. This legislation has recently been challenged as politicians decide which way to move with cannabis legislation in the future, however it is currently the law of the land in DC.

The current DC laws came about because of a rider that was attached to the federal spending budget. This rider restricted cannabis stores from being recreational dispensaries like you will find in Oregon or California, instead DC is home to many different gifting shops.

The main difference between cannabis gifting shops and recreational dispensaries is that when you walk into a cannabis retail store you are buying the cannabis directly, whereas when you walk into a cannabis gifting shop you are paying for a small toy, sticker, or some other kind of small trinket, and then receiving cannabis as a “thank you” gift.

The Difference Between Gifting Shops and Cannabis Stores

In the grand scheme of things there is not too much of a difference between recreational dispensaries and cannabis gifting shops. If you are lucky enough to live in a state like Oregon or California where there is a legal recreational market, cannabis can be bought directly through retail stores.

DC gifting shops on the other hand are set up to comply with initiative 71, which allows anybody within the bounds of the District of Columbia to be gifted up to one ounce of cannabis. Meaning that if you plan on visiting one of the many gifting shops in DC, you should expect to receive a small item, which you are directly paying for, in addition to your specified cannabis gift.

 The laws that separate DC gifting shops from traditional dispensaries are undoubtedly  confusing; however, they have created a one of a kind gifting culture allowing for brands to build around whatever they choose to sell in their store, whether it be a small toy, sticker, or even digital art.

Medical dispensaries however require DC residents to submit a complete medical patient application and payment before being allowed inside the dispensary. This guide is focused on the recreational side of marijuana in DC, but If you would like more information about how to apply for a DC medical card check out the DC health site. 

Do DC Gifting Shops Require a Medical Marijuana Card?

No they don’t, DC gifting shops only require guests to be 21 and up with a valid ID. You are even allowed to have an ID that is from out of state. However, if you plan on heading to a medical dispensary in DC you should plan on having your DC medical card ready at the door.

What Is It Like Visiting a DC Gifting Shop From Out of State?

It is completely the same as someone who is 21 and over and a DC resident. This is great news for people coming from states like Virginia for example. Virginia weed laws are not the same as DC weed laws and do not include the legal gifting loophole despite possession being legal. This means that somebody coming from Virginia could legally get weed gifted to them and legally enjoy cannabis in their home state.

3 Ways to Get Weed in DC

No matter if you are looking for a storefront, curbside service or delivery, the city of Washington, DC is guaranteed to have the gifting service for you. However because there are hundreds of gifting services to choose from it is important to know the ins and outs of the weed market in DC. Here’s how to assure that your gifting service will be safe, reliable and high quality.

Gifting Shop Storefronts

DC storefronts are a great option if you are looking to browse the cannabis gifts in person and talk to some amazing cannabis enthusiasts who can direct you to the best cannabis.

Although some storefronts end up being on the pricey side, they are usually reliable as long as you make sure to check the business reviews. There are also certain streets in DC such as H street where there are multiple gifting shops within a close proximity so you can browse a bunch of different options.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is a great option for those seeking an easy option that also comes with no delivery fees, which are standard for DC weed delivery. Most legitimate curbside services require you to ID verify before you receive the curbside pickup address for security reasons.

DC Weed Delivery

DC Weed delivery is a great option if you want to skip the DC city traffic and order to your verified address. Out of the many delivery services in DC, ShopNPop DC Weed Delivery is the most trusted brand in DC, offering the highest quality cannabis gifts and fast delivery. If you have never ordered weed delivery before, you should plan on following the steps below.


  1. Browse the website (just like you would browse amazon or another e-commerce site)
  2. Place your order (if you are ordering for the first time you are required to verify your ID to receive the curbside or delivery address)
  3. Wait to receive a call confirming your order, or call in to confirm your order
  4. Wait for your order to arrive

More suggestions to ensure you have the best gifting experience

  1.  Make sure that the cannabis store is backed by reviews. There are so many gifting shops to sort through, so make sure that you are going with an option that is backed by real customer reviews so that you know that you are investing in quality products..
  2.  If you are going into a DC storefront be ready to have security pat you down before entering the store.
  3. Ask for an ETA if you are ordering weed delivery, or call in ahead to see when the best time to place an order is. Sometimes when gifting shops are backed up with multiple orders it can take a while before you receive your gifts.
  4. Beware of gifting shops that ask you to send them money before you have bought anything, there is a good chance that you won’t be getting your money back.
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