How to Consume Weed Without Smoking

Some people have cardiopulmonary conditions that preclude them from smoking, it’s not always the most discrete or convenient way to consume cannabis. Many people might want to not take any risks with their lungs.

Consuming marijuana without smoking

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to use cannabis without smoking it, and more novel methods are being dreamt up all the time. This means that now it is easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of weed without damaging your health. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular options for using marijuana without smoking.

ways to consume weed without smoking

How to get high without inhaling weed

Even though there are a number of different ways you can consume cannabis that have evolved over the years, you may be looking for a more health-conscious option. Here are some suggestions for a smoke-free cannabis experience.


Edibles are a versatile and tasty way to enjoy weed, and it is great fun to experiment with different recipes. Edibles can take a while to kick in, possibly up to two hours or more. Many marijuana rookies have made the mistake of getting impatient and taking another dose too soon, then very quickly regretting it. Edibles are great fun, but they are strong and deserve to be treated with respect!

Cannabis-infused beverages

Did you know there were drinks infused with cannabis? Think sodas, teas, lemonades, the list goes on.. Drinkables have a fairly quick onset and effects can last for multiple hours. Cannabis Quencher, Keef Cola, Good Stuff Tonics, and CANN have all created unique natural fruit flavored, low-dose beverages that will knock your socks off. Cannavis isn’t exactly a drinkable, but their fruit syrups are still worth mentioning. Drizzle the syrup into your milkshakes or add it into your next mocktail and say goodbye to hangovers. Cannabis-infused beverages ARE the social drink of the future.


A cannabis tincture is a concentrated extract made by soaking the flowers and/or leaves in a solvent like alcohol. Very discreet, it allows for precise dosing down to a single drop. Learn how to make your own tincture.

Topical cannabis

According to some research, topical ointments and creams can potentially help relieve the symptoms of ailments like arthritis and eczema without any of the psychoactive components one might experience with smoking or edibles. In fact, they’re a favorite way to use cannabis to decrease inflammation. “The best way to consume the anti-inflammatories properties of cannabis is not going to be inhaling them,” says Barnett. “It is probably going to be better if it’s ingested or used topically.”


You don’t need to torch your cannabis with a lighter to reap its benefits; actually, its chemical compounds vaporize at a much lower, less harmful temperature. The taste of vaporized cannabis is often preferred to that of combusted flower, and the vapor is much easier on the lungs. Larger table-top vaporizers can offer high-quality vapor with advanced temperature settings, while small hand-held devices let you enjoy cannabis flower or oils wherever you go. These days there are many affordable vaporizers to choose from if you’re interested in trying out this smokeless form of cannabis consumption.