Honest Marijuana Company’s Unique, Retrofitted Cigarello Machine Revolutionizes Blunt Rolling (250K+ Blunts Rolled)

Honest Marijuana Company Rolls Over 250,000 Perfect Blunts With The Help Of A Unique, Refurbished 1950s/60s Cigarello Machine Retrofitted To Roll Blunts Throughout the entire cannabis-industry, there is one company truly changing the face of blunt rolling: Honest Marijuana Company. They were looking for an innovative and quick way to roll perfect Honest Blunts (which feature hemp leaf wrapping for a smoother smoking experience) every time and solved this by retrofitting a 1950s/60s Cigarello machine to roll blunts. Originally used to roll cigars, the refurbished Cigarello machine has now rolled over 250,000 of Honest Marijuana Company’s Honest Blunts! (Honest Marijuana Company’s Blunt Rolling King, Jeremy Nikaner, stands in front of the innovative blunt rolling machine) The blunt-rolling machines are a true combination of old school and new school and have been a major help to the company. The Honest Blunts are also revolutionary for all marijuana lovers. Machine-rolled for precision and 100% free of tobacco, the new Honest Blunts feature Honest Marijuana’s naturally-cultivated whole-flower buds wrapped in fresh organic hemp paper for the ultimate smoking experience. The Honest Blunt wraps even have CBD in them! Honest Blunts are perfect for pot lovers who really appreciate a consistent, high quality, and memorable smoke sesh every time. Both medical and recreational users will love how the blunts allow them to experience the pure essence of the entire marijuana plant. For more info about Honest Marijuana Company, their blunt-rolling machine, and their Honest Blunts, please visit honestmarijuana.com.