HerbFront Expands Access to Powerful Mapping Technology With New Subscription Model

CHICAGO, July 7, 2015 /Weed Wire/ – HerbFront Inc. is pleased to announce a new subscription-based model that will provide users with unlimited listings and searches on the only real estate platform exclusive to the cannabis industry.

HerbFront is the nation’s first real estate exchange platform for the legal cannabis industry. The platform caters to those looking to sell a qualifying property as well as those searching for the best real estate to launch their cannabis business.

All real estate listings are HerbFront verified to ensure compliance with state and local laws. Zoning requirements for cannabis businesses are strict and complex — varying by city, county and state. In addition, cannabis businesses must sometimes also deal with city, county and state zoning requirements for retail and/or agricultural businesses.

In an evolving regulatory cannabis landscape, knowing where cannabis farms and businesses can and cannot set up shop due to zoning and other regulatory barriers will be key to saving both time and money.

HerbFront is comprised of mapping and zoning experts who are committed to tracking the most recent cannabis legislation as it applies to real estate.

“We specialize in predictive mapping and zoning for legalized cannabis properties,” said Nathan Glaisner, HerbFront’s Director of Real Estate. “Our maps pinpoint suitable locations for dispensaries, manufacturing plants, and grow facilities.”

The one-year HerbFront Mapping Subscription provides cannabis-compliant property information nationwide, and is in lucrative major metropolitan areas such as Portland, Denver, Oakland, San Francisco, Miami, and Philadelphia—to name a few. HerbFront also provides custom maps upon request.

“We decided to create this subscription model to make our product more easily available to those who can benefit most,” Glaisner said, noting the one-year subscription is reasonably priced to assist a broad user base. “Whether you’re a landlord, broker, or dispensary owner, this subscription model is for anyone who wants the most up-to-date information regarding cannabis-friendly properties.”

HerbFront’s predictive mapping technology identifies the best cannabis-friendly locations by using a proprietary predictive software. HerbFront subscribers benefit by being able to see eligible properties and execution transactions in record time.

The new subscription also includes HerbFront verification status for properties that comply.


Click here to watch HerbFront’s video on YouTube to learn more.

Nathan Glaisner
[email protected]
222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza,
12th Floor, Chicago, IL. 60654

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