Gucci OG Strain

Gucci OG Weed

Gucci kush strain

The well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain dubbed Gucci OG emits a scent and taste reminiscent of pine and lemons, with faint hints of berries. Unlike the clothing brand, Gucci OG can’t be strutted around with. Gucci OG is a hybrid strain that is an OG Kush variant, and is known for being a sweet and sour smelling bud. This hybrid has uplifting and creativity inducing effects that can make you feel lazy and often heavy, especially when consumed at a higher dose.

When properly cured, Gucci OG has all the kushy pungency of its parent plant. Sour citrus is the primary smell here, striking the back of the palate and making eyes tear up even before the bud is burnt. These bright top notes are grounded out by the earthy musk of wet soil and pine. These earthy aromas emerge even more when Gucci OG is ground up or broken open — some even compare the gamey, musky scent to that of leather. Despite its dank flavors, though, Gucci OG burns with a smooth and light-tasting smoke. Its sharp taste and odor can linger for a while afterwards; those looking to keep their consumption discreet may want to take some precautions.

The THC levels of Gucci OG vary depending on cultivation methods, so checking potency is recommended before purchasing/consuming. Its high is known to increase energy in the consumer while elevating creativity. However, some reviewers note it can do the opposite to them, causing laziness and distracted euphoria. Consuming this strain at home first is recommended until its effects on one’s own body are known.

Gucci OG strain indica or sativa

Gucci OG weed is a hybrid strain. This strain is mostly offered as a 50-50 indica-sativa strain. You could also find it as a slightly Indica leaning hybrid at some stores. The potency of Gucci OG allows it to be useful for medical patients struggling with attention deficit and emotional issues. It also cures moderate pains and inflammation. Those prone to panic might want to avoid this cannabis. Users find Gucci OG marijuana energy inducing, provoking giggles, and social behavior. It can be a great kick of energy in the morning instead of a cup of coffee. Others describe this weed as couch locking and extremely relaxing, so they advise using it when there is some free time ahead without any tasks. These perfectly balanced effects make it suitable for any part of the day. Still, reviewers recommend making the first usage at home to see how it affects you.

Gucci OG effects, use, flavor, side effects

The effects of the Gucci OG are very diverse and can be different depending on the dose. It can vary from making you feel energetic and creative to euphoric, lazy and dizzy. It’s up to you to decide what type of experience you want. Gucci OG is recommended to be used for ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Mood Swings, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Seizures, Spinal Cord Injury and Stress. Gucci OG strain flavor and aroma are Berry, Herbal, Pine, Spicy and Sweet. Negative side-effects are cottonmouth and anxiousness.