Freddie Gibbs Releases Signature Strain with Chroncierge—The Concierge of Chronic

Branded marijuana is a market segment that is quickly growing, which should come as no surprise. From Michael Jordan’s longstanding signature shoe to Billy Dee Williams sponsoring Colt 45 in the 80s, there have been celebrity endorsements as long as there have been celebrities. Now, rapper Freddie Gibbs is in the game with his own signature strain of marijuana.

The strain is called Freddie Kane OG and available in dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Originally from Indiana, Freddie Gibbs is a rapper on his way up. In addition to releasing a critically acclaimed album with Madlib in 2014, Gibbs has appeared on Snoop Dogg’s GGN show and collaborated with established acts such as Young Jeezy.

Gibbs’ style has been compared to Tupac Shakur, focusing on the community he grew up in, dealing drugs and a raw personal look at his life.

In developing and choosing his marijuana strain, Freddie Gibbs worked with the cannabis collective Chroncierge. Gibbs decided on an indica-heavy hybrid dipped in THC crystals that, according to the press release, creates a “heavy, warming and cerebral high that resonates throughout the entire body.”

Chroncierge is a premium marijuana service that, according to partner Jud Nester, is exactly what the name implies—a concierge for chronic. In a recent interview with MJINews, Nester likened Chroncierge to a premium wine club, where the best strains from master growers are cultivated specifically for those that are part of Chroncierge’s VIP Privilege Club.

A professional musician himself, Nester did not see the move to the marijuana industry as necessarily switching focuses, but more of an expansion of his current field. Marijuana has long been associated with the music industry, from jazz to jam bands to rap, and this sort of industry partnership just made sense to Nester.

From Nester’s perspective, Gibbs is a true businessman who is intent on expanding his personal brand. “He’s a very smart dude, he’s a very well spoken dude and a very motivated guy … . Every once in a while, someone kind of pops up, and he was one of those guys that kind of caught my attention.”

When Gibbs, a strong advocate of marijuana, was approached by Chroncierge about getting involved in the marijuana industry, he jumped at the chance and said he wanted to develop his own strain.

The process of developing and distributing a signature strain of marijuana was not an easy thing to do, which could be one reason Rihanna recently denied launching her own strain and the reason why Snoop Dogg, a vocal legalization advocate, only just launched his brand Leafs By Snoop, now available in Colorado.

“I just tested it with the number one rapper of all time, Snoop Doggy Dog,” Gibbs said in an interview with VIBE. “Once Snoop Dogg gave me the plug, the stamp, it’s all love.” As a cannabis connoisseur, Snoop’s approval of Freddie Kane OG is priceless.

When asked what kind of snags Chroncierge ran into when developing the strain with Gibbs, Nester laughed and responded, “I wouldn’t say we ran into snags, we ran into direct walls.”

For example, due to marijuana not being recreationally legal in California, Freddie Gibbs cannot technically “endorse” Freddie Kane. It is medical marijuana sold in dispensaries, and that is exactly how it is labeled.

“The biggest snag was not having a clear yes or no on what you can and can’t do, while still finding the people that are willing to push forward,” Nester said.

He also explained that working with Gibbs was a huge benefit when navigating the legal issues of actually branding Freddie Kane because Gibbs is fearless.

While working in the gray areas of the system is appealing to Nester, he conceded that the new bills signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown was definitely helping the legal side of the business. The trio of bills effectively creates the first regulatory framework for the medical marijuana industry in California, an industry that was legalized almost 20 years ago.

Developing and pairing marijuana for rappers is not all that is in line for Chroncierge, though. As a musician himself, Nester plans on branching into all parts of the music industry.

“I’m kind of fashioning myself as an A&R for the cannabis industry, for Chroncierge, where now if someone is interested in diversifying what they do into the cannabis world, if their market place, and their fan base or customer base exists in this world, let’s find a way to make you some money!”

Freddie Kane OG was launched on Nov. 12 at Los Globos in Los Angeles. The event was a collaboration between Gibbs, Chroncierge and The Grow Division, a local marketing agency. In addition to exclusive access to the Freddie Kane OG line, product presentation and special edition merchandise, attendees were treated to a first listen of Gibbs’ new album “Shadow of a Doubt” before its official release on Nov. 20.

According to Nester, the launch party was a success because it was an event that was able to bridge the marijuana and music industries to celebrate a common community for everyone in attendance.

Freddie Gibbs distributing Freddie Kane merchandise to launch party attendees at Los Globos on Nov. 12, 2015. Photo Credit: @__anti__ of @Chopemdownfilms

Freddie Gibbs distributes Freddie Kane merchandise to launch party attendees at Los Globos in Los Angeles on Nov. 12, 2015. Photo Credit: @__anti__ of @Chopemdownfilms.

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