First Cannabis-Infused Beverage Launches in D.C. Dispensaries

More Juice provides medical cannabis patients an alternative to traditional smoking and vaporization methods of cannabis consumption.

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 9, 2015 /Weed Wire/ – District Growers today publicly launches the first medical-cannabis beverage to be sold in Washington DC. “More…” is a signature line of 5 fresh cold-pressed raw fruit and vegetable juice beverages designed to provide patients with a nutrient-dense alternative to smoking and vaporizing medical cannabis.

“Many patients served by DC cannabis dispensaries treat their chronic conditions through the use of medical cannabis,” said Corey Barnette, co-owner of District Growers, “Not every patient is able to medicate through their lungs. The fusion of our high-quality cannabis with the highest quality juice achievable provides an important alternative.”

To make the “More…” beverage, District Growers infuses cannabis into fresh cold-pressed juice. The result is an all-natural beverage with no additives or preservatives, containing THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Each bottle of “More…” is 12 fluid ounces and contains up to 3 doses that provides an attractive alternative for patients unable to smoke medical cannabis.

“More…” is currently available in 5 cannabis-infused flavors:

  • More Freedom – a balanced union of pineapple and wheatgrass
  • More Bliss – a medley of lemon, agave, and cayenne pepper
  • More Passion – a fusion of lemonade, pomegranate and cayenne pepper
  • More Smiles – a mix of vanilla, dates, and cashew milk
  • More Serenity – a blend of spinach, kale, romaine, cucumber, cashews, dates and vanilla

As well as being composed of 100% natural raw juice pressed from fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, the beverages are vegan, gluten free, and dairy free.

“We have been eager to provide our members with a variety of alternatives when it comes to cannabis consumption,” said Mike Cuthriell, founder of Metropolitan Wellness Center. “This beverage along with future cannabis-infused products introduces a completely different method for ingestion that is in demand. Not only does it eliminate the need for smoking or vaporizing, the effects provide a slower release as the beverage digests. That is exactly what we’re interested in.”

More Juice launches first on July 9 at Metropolitan Wellness Center, a leading D.C. medical cannabis dispensary focused on providing premium cannabis products and patient-education services, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood by Eastern Market.

“Our team is now certified to educate our members about the benefits and differences in the way the body absorbs medication through the stomach instead of the lungs,” said Vanessa west, General Manager of Metropolitan Wellness Center, “This is a new concept for DC patients and we are excited to see how this new option will be received.”

After an initial 30-day launch period, More Juice will be made available at the other DC dispensaries. For additional information about More Juice, please visit and, or contact [email protected].


About District Growers:

District Growers is a licensed cannabis cultivation center located in Northeast Washington DC. Founded in 2012, the company is a trusted source of quality cannabis products serving licensed dispensaries and patients enrolled in Washington, D.C.’s medical cannabis program.

About Metropolitan Wellness Center:

Metropolitan Wellness Center is a leading cannabis dispensary in Washington D.C. focused on providing a certified safe system for registered patients & caregivers to access high quality cannabis products. Our team is dedicated to educating and servicing our members with compassion, expertise and professionalism.

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