eCann, Inc. Announces Cannabis Investor Summit

Event Series will Kick Off In San Francisco, Introducing 10 Cannabis Companies Built on the SalesForce Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — eCann, Inc. is today announcing a new platform for investors looking to get into the legal cannabis industry. “The Cannabis Investor Summit,” the brainchild of Eddie Miller, Lawrence Michelson and Boris Tsibelman, will showcase the investment opportunities and benefits of investing in the Cannabis industry with an emphasis on the transparency of a cloud-based environment.

“As with every other frontier, technology is disrupting the cannabis space. The first annual Cannabis Investor Summit is an opportunity for these technology-minded businesses to showcase their abilities,” said eCann, Inc. CEO Eddie Miller.

This new series of conferences and events will kick off with an inaugural conference in September, 2015 in San Francisco, during Dreamforce, where eCann, which has developed a forum to explore this innovation potential, will introduce 10 companies leveraging the power of SalesForce and cloud computing.

“The race to become the greatest company in the emerging Cannabis industry has just begun. With the stakes possible reaching billions of dollars, conglomerates will emerge and empires will be built. The legal cannabis industry is here to stay,” said Miller. “As with all industries, dominant players will take the market share by storm, answering the calls of efficiency by creating economies of scale, and most importantly, achieving vertical and horizontal integration by leveraging capable technology partners, hi-tech platforms and joint ventures.”

The term “Green Rush” has recently gained steam. Akin to the Gold Rush of 1849, this is a rush to secure market power as quickly as possible in a nascent and legally challenging environment. The potential of the Cannabis industry has entrepreneurs flocking to invest capital, resources and innovation into this new industry.

Investment opportunities in the emerging Cannabis industry are extremely promising. To truly achieve maximum success, ultimate market share, and sector dominance, technological advancements and adoption is key. Through the use of cutting edge data analysis and aggregation, the best and smartest data driven decisions can be made.

At this event, attendees will be able to meet and discover Cannabis companies built on the SalesForce platform, which utilize smart data analytics and enterprise efficiencies to power their operations and scale to market dominance quickly.

The business of legal Marijuana is being transformed right now. Join eCann on The Green Rush and get an exclusive opportunity to capitalize on the future unicorns of this emerging industry.

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eCann, Inc. is a platform that empowers people to seamlessly and legally transact the business of Cannabis. With a portfolio of over 1,500 of the very best Cannabis related domain assets, eCann, Inc. is leading the industry across every niche. eCann creates, brands, and brings to market revolutionary Cannabis-focused technology enterprises. Their businesses range from lifestyle/media to digital marketplaces, to ecommerce and industrial technology. eCann, Inc.’s goal is to build the largest, all encompassing, and most ubiquitous Cannabis platform in the world; to help all Cannabis businesses create a digital presence and thrive by implementing cutting edge marketing practices, analytics, and infrastructure. Learn more at

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