Dealing with acne, wrinkles, and other skin problems? Try CBD!

Skincare is one of the most important parts of women’s routine today. A study suggests that women, on average, spend 2 hours on their skincare in a day. Something that is so important is that women tend to lock over every new product that claims to help them get rid of all issues. But often, the results are disappointing as regular use would either make the skin worse or stay unchanged. It is seen that the chemicals that are used in search creams and other skin care products might bring a temporary effect but, in the long term, are just some worthless creams. With time you realize that you spend your money, time, and effort in vain without any results. Often, the chemicals used in these expensive creams tend to bring more damage to your skin, sometimes which can even be irreversible. After seeing the results of chemical-based skin care products, people are shifting their interest toward organic skin care products. Plant-based skin care products are a healthy choice and are very sensitive to your skin. It is often seen that even if a plant-based skin care product does not bring the desired changes to the skin, it will at least not damage it further. CBD skin care products like creams and oils are also plant-based products and hence seem to be one of the healthiest choices when it comes to healing skin problems.

How can you use CBD products on different skin issues?

Reducing acne

Creams- Unlike chemical-based products, CBD creams do not give temporary results. You will find that CBD creams are much more effective when it comes to reducing acne. The accumulation of certain microorganisms is also one of the reasons behind growing acne on your skin. When you apply CBD creams to your skin, they start acting on these Microorganisms and reduce their growth, thereby affecting the growth of acne on your skin. You would agree that acne-prone skin is very sensitive, and the pain and inflammation make the condition even worse. When you are using CBD creams on a particular area of the skin, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will help reduce the pain and sensitivity of your skin, thereby giving a soothing and relaxing effect on regular use. This is one of the benefits of topical CBD products on your acne-prone skin.  Gummies- There is another way in which it can be tackled. Uneven skin and acne-prone skin happen due to some imbalance that is internal. An imbalance of nutrients might also result in skin acne. There are CBD gummies available in the market. You can go to any CBD shop or buy them online. They help maintain the balance of nutrients and hormones in your body, thereby affecting the root cause of acne. When taken on a regular basis for some time, You will see the results on your skin. Balm- Excessive sebum accumulation in the skin sport is one of the main reasons behind the growth of acne. Often people with oily skin suffer from this issue. People with oily skin sometimes, in order to reduce acne, prefer not to apply anything to their skin which makes their skin even more sensitive and damaged. It is true that people with oily skin should not apply any oil-based product but leaving the skin without any moisturizer is also not recommended. A CBD balm is a very good choice for such people. Apply a very light coat of CBD Balm to the skin, so your skin remains moisturized and inflammation-free.

Reducing wrinkles

Lotion- We know age is the major reason behind skin getting wrinkled. Nowadays, this scenario is changing. People at a very young age suffer from wrinkled skin with blemishes and visible lines on their faces. The main reason is an uneven lifestyle and lack of proper skin care. When you apply anti-aging lotion or cream, you will find that CBD starts affecting your skin. It starts to tighten up, and you will see visible changes in a very short span of time when used regularly. You can also add some other natural products along with this lotion to see better results in less time. Drinks- You can also try consuming CBD-infused drinks. It is often noticed that lack of proper hydration is one of the reasons behind increased wrinkles. When you increase your fluid intake, your skin remains hydrated. Suppose this fluid or drink that you are consuming has an addition of CBD in it. In that case, it will not only help you to keep up with your hydration needs, but it will also help in maintaining your body cycles that might have been affected due to uneven lifestyle habits. 

Moisturizing dry skin

Oils- One of the best ways to deal with dry skin is using CBD oil on it. Dry skin is a result of poor hydration of skin and skin remaining in direct contact with air. When you are not applying anything to your skin, your skin directly interacts with the surrounding air, and loss of hydration occurs, resulting in dry skin. The application of CBD oil to dry skin is beneficial. It will act as a thin layer cutting out air from interacting with your skin directly; it will also help in giving back the hydration your dry skin requires.

Who and when should you not use CBD products?

Lauren from speaks up about who should avoid or talk to healthcare providers before consuming CBD products. 
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking CBD edibles for their skin. However, they can easily use topical CBD products on doctors’ prescriptions.
  • People who are suffering from kidney or liver-related problems should avoid consuming CBD edibles without consulting their caregivers.
  • People who might have developed an allergic reaction to the product must avoid using both topical and edible CBD products.
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