Bye Bye Baggies: Apothecarry Case Preserves Cannabis in Style

By Brad Turner


Shouldn’t everything in your life be top shelf? That is the question posed by cannabis accoutrement startup The Apothecarry. The company believes that premium cannabis deserves a shelf life that is more like fine wine and less like week-old bananas.

Organically-grown, hand-trimmed, slow-cured cannabis that took months of artisanal attention to prepare shouldn’t be tossed in a cheap plastic container to degrade in a matter of days. The Apothecarry’s new 4-strain case offers a connoisseur-grade solution for maintaining the integrity of your prized stash.


Preserving Quality

The active ingredients in cannabis, cannabinoids including THC and CBD, are concentrated in microscopic stalks called trichomes that extend outward from the surface of the bud. These sensitive trichomes are what give premium cannabis strains their trademark stickiness and glittery sheen. In order to prevent these precious compounds from breaking down over time, they must be protected from handling, heat, light and oxygen.

The Apothecarry Case was designed to protect against these elements in order to preserve the buds’ freshness and potency over extended periods of time. Utilizing specialized Boveda humidity packs, the case maintains perfect relative humidity to prevent both overdrying and mold issues associated with excess moisture.

The case acts as an extended curing process, allowing any remaining chlorophyll to be broken down gradually, resulting in improved flavor and aroma. While bags and bottles will cause cannabis potency and terpene profiles to diminish over time, product stored in the Apothecarry Case will only get better with age.


Pride & Presentation

In addition to its functional benefits, The Apothecarry Case gives discriminating consumers a storage solution with style and class. Founded by Whitney Beatty, an LA-based TV executive and mother, The Apothecarry aims to challenge the prevailing assumptions about the modern cannabis consumer.

The brand conjures imagery reminiscent of wine, whiskey, and cigar aficionados. If your fine wines are stored in the wine cooler, your top shelf liquor is stored in the bar, and your cigars are stored in a humidor, why is your top shelf cannabis stored in a shoe box?

With premium cannabis costing hundreds of dollars per ounce, it begs the question why plastic bags and bottles are generally accepted storage solutions. Imagine putting your Pappy Van Winkle in a milk jug or your Cohiba in a sandwich bag. Apothecarry has found that upscale consumers want a more polished solution for storing their top shelf cannabis products.


Luxurious Relaxtion

For the high-powered executive who opts to medicate with cannabis instead of pouring a stiff drink, relaxation is the key. Nobody wants to come home after a long day of tense negotiations and strategic planning only to have to dig through a piecemeal storage setup buried in a closet. The Apothecarry Case is elegantly designed and lockable so that it can be stored in common areas without fear.

With deliberately designed compartments for all types of cannabis, concentrates, and accessories, the Apothecarry Case is a stress-free organizational system. Know exactly where every piece of your stash is contained at all times so they can be accessed quickly with any fumbling or bumbling to find what you’re looking for. Everything is put neatly in its proper place, allowing an enjoyable consumption experience every time.

The Apothecarry Case ensures that cannabis retains its potency, flavor, and aroma while providing a visually impressive and organized storage solution. Whether a cannabis quality purist or an occasional user who appreciates the finest of everything, the Apothecarry Case is certainly worth a closer look.

The Apothecarry 4-strain Case is available for pre-order; all pre-orders will receive 20% off regular price. Business inquiries may be directed to CEO Whitney Beatty at [email protected].


Bradley Turner is the Founder of Cannabis Branding Group, a branding and marketing agency exclusively for cannabis industry startups. Known as “the agency of the underdog,” CBG aims to make world-class brand development services available to every emerging entrepreneur.

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