Attention Colorado: Marijuana is Taking Over Your Radio Dial

Readers take note: the following article about two new marijuana-themed radio stations in Colorado will not involve any jokes on or references to John Denver’s 1972 hit “Rocky Mountain High.” With that in mind, you may proceed.

Colorado sports fans beware, two local sports talk radio stations have switched format to cover marijuana.

The first to make the switch is K-HIGH in Colorado Springs, a former Fox Sports affiliate found at 1580 on your AM dial.

K-HIGH features programming like the Wake N’ Bake morning show, with hosts Tre, a former grower and marijuana man about town, and newbie Les. Later in the day there’s High Noon with Bubba Kushman, and for the commute home High Drive at Five with hosts the Weed Pimps.

In an interview with, station manager Len Williams sounds like a man on a mission, stating that, “Some people think: It’s marijuana, so there’s not a lot to talk about. But if you think that, all I can say is, you deprived child, you. We can go from legalization in our state to legalization in other states, stuff from magazines like High Times and a lot more. It’s our goal to let the masses know it’s okay to talk about these things in public. You can have intelligent conversations about it — and at other times, you can sit back and laugh. We want to bring all facets to it.”

Hot on K-HIGH’s tracks is Denver’s Smokin 94.1, also known as KBUD-FM. Similarly a recovering sports station, KBUD features on-air talent like Ed Blaze, Gary Ganja, Stoney Reynolds, and Billy Blunt. Listeners willing to give the station a try despite the entertainment value those names indicate will be treated to a mix of rock and roll music and pot talk throughout the day.

It’s interesting to see the radio, that slowly fading former staple of American life, hitch its wagon to cannabis in a bid to survive. Also interesting that both stations used to cover sports. The next time a Colorado native says the phrase “putting green” they won’t be talking about golf, but packing a bowl.

That’s so much worse than a reference to that John Denver song.

For more information on KHIGH or KBUD, click away.

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