FDA Looking Into Rescheduling Marijuana

The Food and Drug Administration is considering reclassifying cannabis or de-listing it altogether, which would end the federal ban.

U.S. regulators are studying whether restrictions on marijuana should be eased — a step toward decriminalizing the drug at the federal level, reports Bloomberg.

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New York to Become 23rd Medical Marijuana State

Senate, Assembly and Governor Announce Deal.Thousands Will Still Benefit, Although Bill Excludes Smoked Marijuana

ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislative leaders announced an agreement on Thursday for a pilot program to provide access to marijuana to sick New Yorkers, making the state one of the largest to embrace the drug’s use as medicine.

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Illinois Investors Jump into the Marijuana Industry
By Kurt Erickson

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Investors around Illinois are jockeying for positions in the marijuana business as they wait for the state’s new medical marijuana law to kick in. And some of them are politically connected.

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Denver Based Cannabis Tech Startup CannaBuild Raises 225k to Enhance Customer Experience

CannaBuild is the first genuine, online budtending experience. Real time patient communication & inventory publishing with product reservation and on-demand pick up.
CannaBuild, a privately held Denver technology startup, has announced a seed fu…

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When It Comes To Marijuana, Many VCs Still Won’t Inhale
By Joe Garofoli

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs love to beat their chests about how disruptive they are. As the trope goes, they’re fearless about betting on the next far-out idea, whether it’s driverless cars, private space flight or the Airbnb of parking spots.

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Colorado Law Sets up Marijuana Banks; Feds Must Approve

Marijuana Retail Industry

Plan to establish the world’s first state-level banking system for the marijuana industry

DENVER — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill designed to create the world’s first state-level banking system for legal cannabis companies, which lack access to basic banking services creating dangerous and difficult risks. 

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Federal Medical Marijuana Defendant Returns to Washington, D.C. to Lobby Senate Ahead of Imminent Vote

U.S. Senate could vote as early as next week on measure to restrict DOJ funds for medical marijuana enforcement

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Cannabis Coworking Space For Marijuana Industry Startups

Forbes.comBy Karsten Strauss
Green Labs Denver is a coworking space for startups in the cannabis industry.

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Medical Cannabis Milestone: House Votes to Stop Federal Raids on Legal Medical Marijuana States

Members of the House has voted to stop federal law enforcers from interfering with medical marijuana operations in states that have made them legal. The 219-189 expresses a significant change in Congress on the issue of marijuana.

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When Cannabis Goes Corporate

Tweed MMJ CanadaNew York Times
By Dave Chan

Tweed, a Canadian medical marijuana company moves into a former Hershey’s chocolate plant which closed six years ago.

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