Thursday Women on the Rise

Stocks made an attempt to rally today on the back of positive U.S. economic data. Jobless claims are nearing lows last seen since the beginning of the last decade.

Manipulation continued today in the social media world of cannabis stocks. Why pump a stock price appreciation on incredibly low volume, especially with a bid ask spread that was almost 20%? That means someone buys at the ask and if they had to sell, would recognize a 20% loss. So is the stock really up? Not really. Don’t get suckered into their games. Ask questions and invest intelligently.

Women are on the rise in the cannabis industry and this is a good sign of a maturing sector. Tonight is the first Thursday of the month, which means that across the country WomenGrow will be assembling for women and men interested in the cannabis space.

In other industries, women are considered key stakeholders or decision-makers in the household. However, cannabis has traditionally been more focused on men, hence the “bong babes” that have flanked booths at events. Many women have felt that some of the traditional styles of the industry have not been so welcoming, but what we are learning is that more and more women are sharing that they enjoy cannabis for medicinal reasons and for responsible recreational consumption as well.

In fact, many brands are starting to take note of what women might like when it comes to experiencing cannabis. Vape companies have noted that many women like the simplicity and discrete nature of that form of consumption. Also, some edible companies, such as Auntie Dolores, are run by women and consider the factors that women often evaluate in other food markets (vegan, gluten free, paleo, etc.) There are even brands focused on elevating the intimate experience for women. One really exciting new development is the “tupperware party for cannabis,” which is beginning in our own backyard of San Francisco with Start Synchronicity.

Women are a massive consumer base and have many different criteria they consider when evaluating brands, products and services. The cannabis companies to watch are the ones that will be building out product lines and establishing messages that address women. By the way, this does not mean just putting flowers on a bowl, it means considering lifestyle, interests and the many roles women play. Answering to the female population and understanding the evolving market segments of the cannabis industry means a richer bottom line.


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