Thursday Uptick

After several days of selling, investors finally had a day of relative calm. The S&P 500 barely managed to end the day with a small uptick to close at 1862. Small and micro cap stocks extended their recent out-performance over large caps for the fourth consecutive day.

The cannabis indices diverged today with MJIC Marijuana Index declining by 2% and Benzinga 420 Marijuana Index posting a 0% return.

Daily Positive – Despite the indices performance, there were finally some positive returns for stocks in cannabis land as investors enjoyed some of the uplift seen in the Russell Micro Caps.

Daily Negative – Neutra Corp, NTRR, put out a false press release from their CEO. However, the CEO resigned from the company days ago. We are frustrated and disappointed to see this happening. Many thanks to Alan Brochstein for uncovering the truth.

We are in very early times for cannabis investing. There is much work to be done to build this industry for the long term. We are thankful and excited to have so many key relationships in this growing market. The road ahead is green and collaboration is key.


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