Thursday MassRoots Kicks Off

Stocks stuck around the flat line for most of the day. However, a small rally popped stocks up in the final hour of trading.

The cannabis sector welcomed the successful introduction of MassRoots (OTCQB: MSRT), with shares trading comfortably above $1 with great volume.

Daily Positive: MassRoots (OTCQB: MSRT) wins the day’s prize for a much needed shot in the arm for the sector. It was exhilarating to watch the market enthusiasm today and know that it was based on a quality company that has taken the time to enter the market with transparency and clarity.

Most know that this industry faces hurdles as it transitions to an investable industry. One of the biggest impediments has been access to banking. This issue has certainly placed excessive risk on business operators who have to deal with large cash balances. It has also stifled investment growth and transparency for companies seeking capital.

Banking is a well-known problem for the individual operators, up to the Feds. We are encouraged to see movement in this area, as evidenced by a meeting in Colorado this afternoon. According to The Cannabist, there was a closed-door discussion with 20 industry professionals and Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George.

We would all welcome progress sooner than later, so it is encouraging to hear that the industry’s demands for safer access are being heard.


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