The Rise of Drinkable Marijuana

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, it is available in a number of forms. Everyone knows that marijuana can be smoked, but companies such as Dixie Elixirs and Canna Cola also sell marijuana-infused edibles and drinks for those who aren’t keen on inhaling smoke. These products are all fairly new, so of course it’s too early to name a clear leader in the marijuana food and beverage industry. However, one such company could be poised to become a major player in the marijuana-infused drink industry.

Washington-based Mirth Provisions has released a line of marijuana-infused beverages aptly titled Legal and it is available at eight of Washington’s 22 recreational marijuana stores. The drinks come in five different flavors such as sparkling pomegranate and cold brew with milk and sugar.

Each Legal drink is infused with 22 milligrams of THC, which is enough to get a person high but not enough to be overwhelming. Each flavor also produces a slightly different high and promises its own unique experience. For example, the cold brew with milk and sugar is said to produce “an uplifting, euphoric high and a gentle body buzz,” according to the company’s website.


Less Taboo

Despite marijuana’s legal status in Washington, it still carries a stigma in some circles of being a harmful and socially unacceptable drug. A drinkable form of marijuana probably won’t change the minds of those who are adamantly opposed to marijuana, but beverages such as Legal are considered less taboo than other forms of marijuana. It is simply easier for some people to open a bottle and take a drink than it is for them to pack a bowl or light a joint. It is a more approachable and potentially safer alternative for those with little or no experience with marijuana.


Competition in the Market

As we said before, it’s a little too soon to name an obvious leader in the marijuana-infused beverage industry. Mirth Provisions may be one of the more well-known companies selling such drinks, but it also faces competition from Dixie Elixirs and Canna Cola, among others. Canna Cola in particular has been successful enough to become “the world’s most recognized brand in medical marijuana,” according to its website.

This of course doesn’t mean that Mirth Provisions should be counted out of the race. Aside from having a firm foothold in Washington, the company could expand into the neighboring state of Oregon. Oregon has recently approved the use of recreational cannabis, so Legal could very well take off there as well.

It is tough to know where we are headed in terms of legal recreational marijuana sales. However, one thing we do know is that marijuana is becoming less taboo throughout the country. Future generations may even be surprised to learn that there was once a time when simply having and using a plant would carry stiff penalties. Marijuana is definitely becoming normalized, and products such as Legal are helping move perceptions in the right direction.

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