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URL: http://mjselect.com
Founded: 2014
Employees: 5
Company stage: Early growth
Currently seeking funding:Yes
Investor relations contact:
Todd Palmieri, Partner, MJselect.com
[email protected]


Todd Palmieri, Partner
Dora Palmieri, Partner


MJselect.com is a marketing platform that allows medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries to expand their services without regulatory barriers or community resistance. It seeks to bring the professionalism of mainstream healthcare to the medical marijuana industry through technology that meets the needs of dispensaries, medical marijuana patients and their communities.



Revenue Driver: MJselect’s services can be purchased on a subscription basis. The highlights are: online ordering, the virtual budtender, and Short Message Service (SMS) marketing. Patient management and records services are pending, expected in early spring of 2015.

The company expects that subscriptions will meet the market demand generated by the existing lack of online technology among dispensaries. Less than half the dispensaries listed on Weedmaps have basic websites. Virtually none have online ordering, a virtual budtender, or any of the other services offered by MJSelect.

MJSelect prices its applications based on the size of the dispensary’s menu, and the volume of marketing activity desired. Its prices are posted in the pricing section on MJselect.

Competitors: MJselect’s primary competition is the use of manual processes by most dispensaries (texts, phone calls, etc.) Its services aren’t in competition with those of the directories, Weedmaps or Leafly, but it does compete for the same dispensary marketing budget.

Competitive Advantage: It sees its competitive advantage as the deep experience of its partners in technology, the law, and healthcare. The medical marijuana industry is new and has a distinctive character, but many of the challenges that it faces are an amalgamation of technology, law, and healthcare.

Business Model: MJselect.com is a SaaS technology company. The company derives all of its revenue from the subscription fees paid by dispensaries for the technology and marketing services provided.

Funding: To date, the company has been funded entirely by the principals.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:

The company’s sales and marketing strategy is threefold:
1. Attract dispensaries to the website via public relations, email marketing, and SEO,
2. Convert website visitors to trial customers
3. Convert trial customers to subscribing customers within 30 days.

The trials offered are fully functional, and expire after 30 days.

Customers: MJselect does not release specific customer names. The company began marketing December 15th, 2014, and by approximately one month thereafter had 14 dispensaries in trial.

Target Market: Medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries and delivery services located in the United States or Canada.

Products: Service are sold as a unit, and include online ordering, virtual budtender, performance reporting, SMS marketing, Instagram marketing and coupon programs.

Customer Problem: Larger, successful dispensaries find it very difficult to expand due to regulatory/zoning issues. MJselect.com allows them to service many more patients from the same dispensary space by shifting most of the transaction online (payment and ID verification happen at the dispensary or via a delivery driver).



Todd Palmieri, Partner, has extensive experience in conceiving, financing and growing new ventures that leverage new technologies to drive rapid growth. Prior to co-founding VideoDepositionOnline.com, Todd was founder and CEO of ExpenseWatch.com (acquired by Bezos Expeditions, the private investment arm of Jeff Bezos, Founder, Amazon.com) where he led the company to five consecutive years of revenue growth.

Prior to ExpenseWatch.com, Todd was Chief Financial Officer at BioScript (NASDAQ (GM): BIOS) where he led business development initiatives that led to IPO in less than three years from startup.

Todd is a graduate of Drexel University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Finance.

Dora Palmieri, Partner, has over 15 years of litigation experience. She started her legal career as a defense attorney. After several years of defense work, Dora shifted her skills to pursuing justice for clients who were injured and defending their rights.

She understands the importance of working within the legal system to promote change and dissolve unfounded social stigmas. In business, as during her legal career, she has found another platform for social change and community service. Dora is a graduate of Widener University School of Law where she earned a J.D. and has a L.L.M. in Trial Advocacy from Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law.

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