Marijuana Investor Summit Taps Mainstream with World Cannabis Week

Do some investors get high? Possibly. Do they look like they get high? Probably not. The growing acceptance of marijuana has made many realize that those who like to get high don’t necessarily look like they get high. Because marijuana aficionados can range from lifeguards to lawyers, it is important to bring divergent groups together to share in a common bond.

In line with this type of progressive thinking, Marijuana Investor Summit and World Cannabis Week have entered into a strategic partnership to promote the Summit as a part of World Cannabis Week’s event offerings.

Taking place in Denver from April 20-22, 2015, Marijuana Investor Summit has been strategically designed to introduce innovators to investors. It represents the confluence of industry, investment and entrepreneurship. It represents an opportunity for enterprising individuals to make the most out of legal marijuana’s potential.

World Cannabis Week, powered by My 420 Tours, is the world’s largest legal cannabis celebration and it takes place in Denver, April 16-20. It has been described as the “SXSW of Cannabis,” providing attendees with an immersive industry and entertainment experience. It represents the shift of the cannabis counterculture minority to the mainstream majority.

The combination of Marijuana Investor Summit and World Cannabis Week demonstrates the multifaceted nature of the legal marijuana industry and its potential to tap into a larger market.

“The partnership with World Cannabis Week enhances the summit by bringing more visibility to the general public. We are an educational event for anyone looking to profit in the marijuana industry,” said David Friedman, publisher of MJINews and co-producer of Marijuana Investor Summit.

An attendee of World Cannabis Week could have the next great service for the legal marijuana industry or a knack for recognizing the industry’s next big product. “Anyone can start a business, be an entrepreneur or buy a stock so becoming educated at the most basic level is really important and World Cannabis Week reaches into mainstream America,” Friedman said.

When mainstream America meets Marijuana Investor Summit, it will find that legitimate opportunities are waiting for those individuals ready to discover them.


This article is a part of the World Cannabis Week series sponsored by World Cannabis Week and Marijuana Investor Summit.

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