Go Beyond TV and Meet Pot Barons at Marijuana Investor Summit

Documentary filmmaking often frames a remote world, one you can see, but not quite touch. It grants access to people, places and events you may otherwise never know. “Pot Barons of Colorado,” the hit MSNBC documentary series, brings viewers into the ultimate marijuana microcosm, focusing on the leaders of Colorado’s legal marijuana industry and the investments at stake.

Because “Pot Barons of Colorado” is essential viewing for any entrepreneur or investor aspiring to enter the legal marijuana business, Marijuana Investor Summit has announced that it is bringing together the cast of the series for an exclusive afternoon lunch on April 21, 2015, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver. This will be the cast’s first time appearing together since the series premiered.


Behind the Pot Barons

Gary Cohen, producer of “Pot Barons of Colorado,” has created a series that helps reframe our nation’s perception of marijuana. “Pot Barons explores the business of recreational marijuana, showing Americans the inherent value of moving marijuana from the illegal to the legal, regulated sphere,” Cohen said.

While it is easy for media to portray typical stoner culture, Cohen’s series operates with a sense of social responsibility. “Television often focuses on marijuana stereotypes of hippies and stoners, so by featuring responsible entrepreneurs, Pot Barons has changed hearts and minds about the whole movement,” Cohen said.

These responsible entrepreneurs include Jamie Perino, owner of Euflora, a high tech pot parlor which she calls “the Apple Store of Weed”; Andy Williams, who co-owns Medicine Man with his brother Pete, runs one of the largest single-store marijuana dispensaries in the world and hopes it will become the “Costco of marijuana”; Tripp Keber, the President and CEO of Dixie Brands, hopes to build an empire out of his marijuana soda that comes in sophisticated brushed-aluminum bottles.


Go From Passive Viewer to Active Attendee

If you are seriously interested in entering the legal marijuana industry, lunch with the “Pot Barons of Colorado” will provide a rare chance for investors and entrepreneurs to speak with the cast members about the opportunities and challenges facing recreational marijuana companies in Colorado.

“Our show follows the Pot Barons as they succeed in the face of an incredible array of obstacles. Anyone interested in getting involved in marijuana as a business can learn more from them and their experiences than anyone else,” Cohen said.

If you are not familiar with “Pot Barons of Colorado” and you are attending Marijuana Investor Summit, watch all six episodes, and then watch them again. Learn what you can from the Pot Barons on screen and then you can come prepared to learn from them in real life.

As Cohen discovered firsthand, “Marijuana companies are even more volatile and vulnerable than other startups and potential investors should pay close attention to the passion, vision and commitment the Pot Barons all share. They love what they do and there’s no off switch—they work all the time.”

Cohen added, “This gathering will offer a unique window into the legal marijuana world.” If you want you want to be a part of this exclusive gathering, register for Marijuana Investor Summit.



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