GGS Structures President Leigh Coulter Wins Award for International Trade

NIAGARA FALLS, Canada, Feb. 23, 2015 /Weed Wire/ – During last Friday’s Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year awards, Leigh Coulter, President of GGS Structures, a leading provider of commercial marijuana facilities, walked away with the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the category of International Trade.

GGS Structures is a global leader in commercial horticulture supply, and was established over 35 years ago. The company’s customers include many of the new licensed marijuana producers, and some of the largest agricultural and horticultural growers, around the world.  The company has grown substantially, with global sales and distribution in 5 continents.  Originally a full service greenhouse manufacturer, providing turnkey solutions for growers including: greenhouse structures, warehouses, heating, benches, blackout curtains, climate controls, lighting, and irrigation systems.  GGS expanded into developing commercial scale facilities for the cultivation of consistent quality cannabis, helping growers improve yields as well as quality control.  In Canada a Supreme Court ruling in 2000 declared that Canadian citizens had a legal right to marijuana for medical purposes.

“I’d like to start by saying thank you very much for this great honor,” said Coulter in her acceptance speech. “I’d also like to thank all the amazing, talented, and dedicated people that I get to work with every day, because this award is certainly not won by me alone. We have a great team at GGS and the success of the company depends on all the people who are involved.”

An entrepreneur since her youth, Coulter has always been interested in forging her own path in the business world, and recognizes the importance of international trade in business.

“It never occurred to me that doing business would not be on a global front,” stated Coulter, before imparting final words of advice to her fellow entrepreneurs in the room. “There is no reason why you can’t do business internationally. Everyone can – just do it.”

Today marijuana growers worldwide still have a complicated set of regulations which make international trade, and even inter-state business difficult. As a manufacturer and supplier of growing systems GGS is able to leverage their international contacts to help growers wherever they are.  Leigh Coulter’s suggestion to entrepreneurs in the marijuana space is the same as for other industries.  “When you are doing something new, there are always a million reasons why it cannot be done. Everything new is impossible until someone does it. Entrepreneurs do it.”

GGS has implemented marijuana growing facilities for several Canadian companies, and is now working with companies in the US, as well as two groups who intend to cultivate marijuana in Uruguay. Additionally, Leigh has family ties to Jamaica, and has been integral in helping several groups working on marijuana cultivation in Jamaica.

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