Expand Your Network at Marijuana Investor Summit

If you don’t live in a legal marijuana state, networking with industry investors and entrepreneurs can be difficult. Yes, there is the Internet, but connecting with innovators in person can accelerate a simple conversation into a productive collaboration.

To facilitate the ultimate networking scenario, Marijuana Investor Summit, taking place in Denver from April 20-22, 2015, is bringing together some of the best minds in the legal marijuana industry.

“We have assembled nothing short of the best networking opportunity for anyone either in or looking to get into the exploding marijuana industry,” said David Friedman, CEO of MJINews. “From the industry’s top players to investors looking to get their feet wet, this is the premier business event in Denver on 4/20.”

Speakers and attendees will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences. Andy Joseph, President of Apeks SuperCritical, explained, “Attendees from other industries bring a wealth of experience for just about every non-legal issue that currently faces the cannabis industry, and the information that they are willing to share is invaluable.”

Marijuana Investor Summit will harness the excitement of 4/20 events in Denver to energize networking possibilities within the industry. Molly Poiset, founder of Cheffettes, a gourmet edibles company, knows that 4/20 is a day full of possibility:

“Denver on 4/20 is the de facto holiday for cannabis and the ultimate date to interface on a meaningful level with forward thinking individuals, investors and entrepreneurs who envision a future in marijuana and hemp that is rewarding, fulfilling and profitable.”

Randy Shipley, CEO of Cannafundr and co-producer of the Marijuana Investor Summit, is ready to co-host an exceptional event offering access to a concentrated collection of elite industry members. “As a crowdfunding platform, we love crowds. And this is by far the best crowd to be in for anyone in the cannabis industry.”

If you are sincerely interested in entering the legal marijuana industry, Marijuana Investor Summit is where innovators can build a network of priceless connections.


This article is a part of the World Cannabis Week series sponsored by World Cannabis Week and Marijuana Investor Summit.

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