Etheridge from Cancer to Cannabis Wine

Singer-Songwriter Melissa Etheridge has long been a proponent of medical marijuana. She has been very open about using the drug while she was battling breast cancer, stating that it has helped her deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. Etheridge is now cancer-free, but her experience with medical cannabis has inspired her to help develop and market a cannabis-infused wine.

The Grammy and Academy Award winner says that she believes her new business venture is “a huge opportunity” to break into a relatively new market now that attitudes toward cannabis have been changing throughout the United States. Now that marijuana is becoming socially acceptable and has been legalized for recreational use in four states, there is a market of clever marijuana-based products.

Details regarding Etheridge’s product have not been disclosed, but she has said that there will be many such products “with my name” on them. It is not hard to imagine that the celebrity would be backed by major investors from the entertainment world. This would give her a first-to-market position and advertising dollars to back up any product line or launch.

She and her unnamed business partners will face the same hurdles all participants in this green gold rush face. Despite the growing acceptance of marijuana throughout the United States, it is still illegal according to federal laws, with harsh penalties for the possession, use and sale of the herb. However, products such as Etheridge’s wine and other cannabis-infused foods and beverages represent an interesting and more accessible alternative for those looking to try marijuana.

Using marijuana is not just about getting high. Many people use the drug for medicinal purposes. Etheridge first used marijuana to aid in her recovery from breast cancer, but she continues to use it to combat long-term damage to her gastrointestinal system. She says that marijuana helps to settle her frequently upset stomach.


A History of Canna-Wine

Etheridge’s new product will not be the first cannabis-infused wine on the market. California winemakers have been making “canna-wine” on the sly for years. The wine is traditionally made by placing a pound of marijuana in a cask of wine, resulting in an alcoholic beverage that also contains 1.5 grams of marijuana in each bottle.

Experts have said that these products are dangerous since they combine the effects of marijuana with the equally-intoxicating effects of the wine. However, we will be waiting for upcoming news and a release date for Etheridge’s cannabis-infused wine and a widening list of categories with marijuana as an ingredient.


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