Destination Denver: Guide to 420 Holiday and Events

Despite marijuana being legal in numerous states, Denver, Colorado, is one of the primary travel destinations to celebrate 420 on April 20, 2015. Locals and travelers from around the globe find themselves here each year to celebrate cannabis culture.

With a little less than a month until the festivities begin, Denver has already begun prepping for the holiday. In comparison to 2014, Denver may look a little different this year, given that the holiday falls on a Monday. Although April 20 is on a weekday this year, Denver will still be filled with cannabis enthusiasts.

The 4/20 rally, an official event in Denver for the past seven years, takes place at Civic Center Park. In 2014, the rally was an organized event filled with people, musical guests and vendors gathered on April 20. With April 20 falling on a Monday this year, the official 4/20 rally has been scheduled to take place the weekend beforehand. It is not likely that this will stop marijuana enthusiasts from gathering at Civic Center Park on Monday, April 20, which means Denver police may have to maintain safety at an unsanctioned event.

Sparking up at 4:20 p.m. on April 20 is a holiday tradition. According to The Denver Post, “timing—April 20 is a Monday—and new Denver public event rules will keep the almost-guaranteed gathering at Civic Center disorganized on the annual pot holiday.” The official event will be shut down by Monday at noon, but confusion could ensue with the unofficial gathering likely to take place after that. A shooting took place at the 4/20 rally in 2013 so security and structure should be top priorities.

Miguel Lopez, lead organizer of the 4/20 rally, applied to extend the festival into Monday, but was denied by city officials. The Denver Post reported, “Lopez, whose attempt to extend the festival to a third day was denied by the city, instead is planning a rally on April 20 across the street in the park between Broadway and Lincoln Street, on state property.”

The official 4/20 rally will not take place in Civic Center Park, but Anton Marquez has a permit pending with the city of Denver to hold an alternative 4/20 rally in the park.

While the 4/20 rally is a renowned gathering, it is not the only 420 event taking place in Denver. With events happening before, during and after April 20, tourists and Denver locals have plenty of options when it comes to celebrating marijuana.

Here are the top must-see cannabis events happening in Denver around April 20, 2015:

BIG Galleria LIVE is a gallery event showcasing some of the most intricate glass art ever created. This event is scheduled to take place on April 15 at The Denver Mart in Denver, Colorado.

High Times Cannabis Cup is a major trade show and expo showcasing 700+ vendors, musical guests, a cannabis contest and a seminar. This event is scheduled to take place April 18-20 at The Denver Mart in Denver, Colorado.

Marijuana Investor Summit, on April 20-22, is a premier conference for investors and entrepreneurs featuring a wide range of speakers, including “Shark Tank” investor Kevin Harrington and cannabis industry leaders like Alan Brochstein, Tripp Keber, Andy Williams and many more. It is an event for cannabis investment and innovation to thrive.

CannaPitch, the legal marijuana industry’s exclusive live pitch session, will debut at Marijuana Investor Summit, April 21. Three to four cannabis-related companies will pitch to a group of qualified lead investors, including keynote speaker Kevin Harrington.

World Cannabis Week, powered by My 420 Tours, is the world’s largest legal cannabis celebration and it takes place in Denver, April 16-20. It has been described as the “SXSW of Cannabis,” providing attendees with an immersive industry and entertainment experience, including ticketing options for Marijuana Investor Summit and High Times Cannabis Cup.

Denver has a lot to offer when it comes to celebrating 4/20 in a safe environment. Whether traveling from out of town or just a few minutes down the road, spending the extra couple bucks to celebrate 4/20 safely is well worth it. Avoid disorganized crowds and getting ticketed for publicly smoking by attending an officially organized event.

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