Denver May Ban In-Home BHO Extraction

A growing trend among marijuana users is the smoking of hash oil, also known as dabbing. Hash oil is typically used in the making of marijuana edibles, but the growing trend of liberalizing marijuana laws has led people to be creative. There are plenty of ways to extract hash oil, but the use of the volatile chemical butane in the extraction process has gotten a lot of attention because of the dangers of one extraction method.

Due to a growing public safety concern, a Denver City Council committee approved a ban on the use of butane in hash oil extraction. While the bill has cleared a significant legislative hurdle, it still has to be approved by the full city council.

If this ban goes into effect, potential investors should be wary about where they put their money. Nothing will hurt your bottom line more than investing in a business that gets shut down because it could not be bothered to follow proper safety procedures.

A vote is expected in the coming weeks, although a final date has not been set. An exemption will be granted to companies that comply with proper safety procedures because the ban is mostly meant for those doing home extractions. The ban only pertains to butane, and does not affect water or food based extraction methods.

Although there have been some exaggerations, like calling dabbing the “crack” of marijuana, the butane hash oil (BHO) extraction method does carry considerable risk. When working with an explosive chemical like butane, it only takes one spark to set the whole thing ablaze. In fact, the city of Denver saw 27 explosions from home BHO extraction attempts in the first six months of marijuana legalization.

While no one likes restrictive regulations, this is one of those few instances where it is sorely needed. There is nothing wrong with using hash oil for medicinal or recreational purposes; however, the personal use of explosive chemicals in the extraction process puts everyone around you at risk.

If you doubt the danger of BHO extraction, all you have to do is see the evidence for yourself. A simple Google search of “hash oil explosion reveals dozens of news stories where people are needlessly burned or injured in foolish accidents. Home BHO extraction is a problem, and regulators in all states need to prevent the proliferation of this dangerous practice.

At the behest of parents who use hash oil to treat their children’s severe illnesses, an exception was made in the case of alcohol based extraction. Individuals will have to get a permit from the Denver Fire Department in order to be allowed to use heat in the extraction process. For alcohol based extractions, only up to 16 ounces of alcohol may be used at a time.

Currently, there is little opposition to the ban, and with the endorsement of Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, it is expected to pass.  Denver is right to move toward banning home BHO extraction, and hopefully other municipalities and states will follow before more needless harm is done.

As an investor, you may be wondering what BHO extraction bans have to do with you, and here it is: Appearances matter. Regardless of whether or not you give a hoot about what some guy does in his kitchen, the average voter sees those BHO explosions as a reflection on the entire industry.

If the average voter does not support the cannabis industry, they will not vote for marijuana in upcoming elections; and if marijuana legalization does not pass, then you may as well pack up everything. When you invest in marijuana, you are casting a vote as to how you want the cannabis industry to think, act and sound. By investing in companies that follow proper safety guidelines, and by supporting the right regulations, you ensure the future of your investment and the future of industry.


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