Denver Dispensaries Ready for Stock Show

DENVER — The Mile High City can’t shake its image as a cow town, thanks mostly to the yearly recurrence of the National Western Stock Show. This year, for the second time in history, the intrepid cowfolk who journey to Denver for the Stock Show will be allowed under local law to purchase and use marijuana, so long as they have a place they’re allowed to use it. Stock Show travelers should know that the local recreational marijuana dispensaries are ready for them.

For those unaware, the National Western Stock Show is a cattle-industry trade show that occurs every January in Denver, with this year’s show happening January 8-25. The Stock Show might be likened to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, if gadgets are replaced with cows and geeks with cowboys. The 2015 Stock Show is the 109th annual running of the event. Aside from the trade show, there are animal exhibitions and rodeos, and other things of the agricultural and livestock persuasion.

Dispensaries are prepared with discounts and specials for the potential influx of business the Stock Show might bring. Out-of-towners and Stock Show fans who head into The Grass Station to purchase cannabis products should know one of two things: 1) wearing a cowboy hat will get them a 20 percent discount on marijuana products and 2) mentioning the “Cowboy Hat” discount to a budtender at the Grass Station will land a 20 percent discount on purchased goods. The Grass Station is located a short distance west of the Stock Show complex, at 4125 Elati Street in Denver.

“We had a strong showing of visitor’s this time last year that were in Denver for [the National Western Stock Show] and we are hoping to have a better turnout yet this year,” Ryan Fox, CEO of The Grass Station, said. Hearkening back to the 2014 Stock Show, which also coincided with the first openings of legal recreational dispensaries in Colorado, Fox reminded us that options for edibles were limited in January 2014, and Fox “[is] expecting that the interest will be heavier on those items this year.”

Fox also said any cowboys drifting into Denver, or anyone new to marijuana, needs to consume responsibly. Fox encouraged new dispensary visitors to “ask a sales associate all the questions they can consider” regarding potency, how it should be used and if it’s being used to relieve an ailment.

Timberline Herbal Clinic, located due east of the Stock Show complex at 3995 E. 50th Avenue, also has some special offers lasting through Monday, January 12, for anyone coming in from the show. Timberline is offering $5 off any edible and $5 off any eighth to cattle enthusiasts. Timberline is also offering grams of hash for $50. That’s a lot of hash for an out-of-towner (unless the whole trip is one big party). Remember: marijuana bought in Colorado stays in Colorado.

While recreational marijuana dispensaries have a keen eye toward the increased business from tourists during the National Western Stock Show, local marijuana businesses were absent from the list of corporate partners on the show’s website, and none were noticeable as event sponsors on the schedule. We reached out to the Stock Show’s public relations office to see if any marijuana-related businesses made an attempt to sponsor any events, or become a Stock Show corporate partner, but we have yet to receive a response.

Certainly the 109th National Western Stock Show is a welcome event in Denver to the marijuana dispensary, as the city gets known for something other than being a cow town. But the boon of marijuana tourism for Denver dispensaries during the Stock Show might last a short time as the legalization trend is set to stampede the country.

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