CBD-rich Beauty Line for the Big Spender

As with the American cannabis industry, the American beauty market is worth a fortune. Ringing in at $50 billion, the beauty industry is worth nearly 25 times that of the projected marijuana industry for 2014.  Many women and men use cosmetic products as a part of their daily routine. After all, some people are always anxiously awaiting the next breakthrough beauty product. From fancy anti-aging creams to various body lotions, the success of the beauty industry rests on the innovation of the next great product.

Cannabis industry leaders see opportunity within the global beauty market. CBD-rich hemp oil is used in a variety of beauty products, as the benefits found in one single plant are nothing short of bountiful. Cannabinoids provide natural antioxidant properties that work to reduce the effects of aging and acne, among many other things.

USA Weekend’s McKenna Grant conducted a review of products by Cannabis Beauty Defined,  Kannaway’s CBD-rich skin care line. Jeff Rogers, CEO of Kannaway, is “thrilled and humbled that the largest newspaper in the country has posted a favorable review of Cannabis Beauty Defined.” He continues, “we are proud to see this high-end beauty product get the accolades that it truly deserves. This is the first-ever cannabis beauty product that is ready for Madison Avenue right out of the box.”

In a world where cannabis products would not otherwise appeal to a high-end consumer, Cannabis Beauty Defined exists to break that stereotype. By way of successful branding, these anti-aging products are different from the rest. Its price, along with its sleek blue packaging and refined logo, speak to the big spender. Cannabis Beauty Defined products start at $50, ultimately landing them in the category of luxury skin care products.

Cannabis Beauty Defined products are only a few, among hundreds, of other hemp oil beauty products.  Even Elle magazine has gained wind of this trending ingredient.  Here are some of Elle’s favorite cannabis beauty products:

Among the versatile range of hemp-oil beauty products already on the market, Kannaway has found its place within the global industry. According to Yahoo Finance, the worldwide anti-aging market is worth about $115 billion annually. Kannaway has successfully entered into the global market as a competitor. By bridging the two profitable industries, cannabis companies can widen their customer base. Beauty products and CBD hemp oil go hand in hand, and now, more so than ever, the benefits of hemp oil are especially appealing to the high-end consumer.

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