CannaInsider Pictures 10 Ways of Funding and Marijuana Investor Summit

The idea of funding a startup can seem daunting regardless of the field a company chooses to enter. Emerging entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana industry can improve their prospects by becoming well versed in their funding options before pursuing a particular path to capital.


CannaInsider on Funding

CannaInsider, an interview series on the leading voices in the legal marijuana industry, knows that reading dense text on finance can be difficult, so it has distilled the concepts of funding into an infographic titled, “The Top 10 Ways to Get Your Cannabis Startup Funded.”

Matthew Kind, the host of CannaInsider, was compelled to create the infographic, pictured below, after getting feedback from his listeners. “The question really over and over again people are saying, ‘Do I bootstrap this? How do I do it?’ They’re also not familiar with other ways, beside maybe traditional venture capital, that are out there, ” Kind said.

The infographic spans a range of funding options, from crowdfunding and accelerators to personal savings and private equity.

Because marijuana entrepreneurs were seeking out this information, Kind sought to frame the topic in a visual presentation to create an easily understandable illustration of funding options. “The visual gives context that we’re not normally used to having for things in the realm of finance—simple bite-sized explanations.”

The elements of Kind’s presentation were created to capture attention. “The colors visually lead them from one to the next, kind of like a trail.” And one funding option isn’t overshadowed by another. “It’s designed so a viewer would look at all of them and not just one or two to understand how they’re different and how they may overlap.”

CannaInsider's "The Top 10 Ways to Get Your Cannabis Startup Funded"


CannaInsider at Marijuana Investor Summit

CannaInsider’s infographic is a perfect primer for entrepreneurs attending Marijuana Investor Summit, co-produced by MJINews and Cannafundr, April 20-22, 2015, in Denver, Colorado. It touches upon the surface of funding options that will be discussed in detail at the summit, including a panel on funding options and the CannaPitch investor pitch forum.

CannaInsider will be on hand at Marijuana Investor Summit, listening to the entrepreneurs and investors in attendance. CannaInsider’s infographics are driven by a quest to share insight so if you see Matthew Kind, be sure to share your summit experience and industry insight with him.


* Tickets to attend CannaPitch are sold separately. Attendees that purchase tickets are there for their entertainment and enjoyment; they are not allowed to invest in the companies pitching. All attendees will be required to sign a disclaimer before they enter the CannaPitch session. Funding of deals is subject to final due diligence and legal review by any investor. Any offer made by investors on the panel or show producers is in the form of a non-binding offer with the intent to fund on the offered terms once due diligence is complete.


This article is a part of the World Cannabis Week series sponsored by World Cannabis Week and Marijuana Investor Summit.

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