1. Troy Dayton – The King of Cannabis

I’m sure I will take some heat for this choice, not because he doesn’t deserve it just because everyone wants an opinion. It’s the beauty and the curse of making a list and being the first one to lead it. The truth is that it really was not a hard decision for me for 2 very distinct reasons. 1. It’s about investing. 2. It’s my list! Not just that I get to decide but it’s about what has influenced me in the past year to get to this point and create this list. As the founder and face of the ArcView Group Troy has had more overall influence on who invests in what in this industry than anyone else I know. He brings together hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs 4 times and has calculated that well over $10 Million in investments have been made as a direct result of the ArcView pitch sessions. The truth is it is probably $20 Million but its impossible to track. Beyond that, however, Troy

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