Three Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Invest in WEED

Looking for a sure bet? Invest in weed. Two states have already recreationally legalized the substance, with many more to come. 23 states have medicinal laws on the books. 4 states have legislation pending in the winter of 2014. A cannabis investment is a chance to fund a new market that already has a built-in buyer, and as more regions legalize either recreational or medicinal marijuana, the time to cash in is now. If it’s green you need, invest in weed. Here are three reasons that whether you use it or not, this is the a great investment you’ll ever make:

An Inexpensive Raw Product

Cannabis and Hemp are incredibly easy to grow. Everyone knows the story about the friend’s big brother with the giant pot plant in his closet. These plants have a weedy nature, meaning they’ll start and stay alive in almost any water, light and soil condition. To flourish, however, may require more finesse. Even at the most technical, a marijuana growing facility provides a hundredfold profit compared to the amount of money that is put in. Hydroponic systems can recycle their own water and become essentially closed systems with only a large starting price. Cannabis investments tend to carry a heavy cash flow need at the start for materials and growing equipment, but once the infrastructure is established, it’s pure profit.

An Amazing Pharmaceutical

Marijuana is one of the best medicines out there for many problems and conditions. Insomnia, migraines, and nausea are all treated by ingesting or inhaling cannabis products. For those who are going through chemotherapy, there is no other substance that helps get a cancer victim through the painful side effects than marijuana. As the cannabis taboo begins to lift, the number of medical studies using the drug will simply increase, and the profit opportunities will skyrocket. Combine this with the ease with which new strains can be propagated and patented (yes, patented!) and you’re talking about a pot investment that can quickly become a pot of gold.

An Existing Market

The war on drugs has been a losing proposition for a very long time. Everyone knows someone who smokes pot, and many know people who do so legally with their medical marijuana cards. Any new invention or improvement on an old one would require a lot of advertisement to inform and build up a market. This is not necessary with cannabis. The market is already there, and ready to become legal buyers as the laws continue to change. Growers are ready to become legal, too, and to expand their businesses. All they’re waiting for is capital. All they’re waiting for is you.