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Eddie MillerChief Executive Officer
As CEO, Eddie Miller sets the company’s strategic direction and identifies and capitalizes on new opportunities in the legal cannabis sector, the fastest-growing industry in the US, according to ArcView Group research. A successful entrepreneur since high school in partnership with eCann CTO Boris Tsibelman, Eddie leads the creation of brands and go-to-market strategy across multiple sectors, overseeing delivery of marketing, analytics and operational solutions to eCann partners. A serial entrepreneur who operates more than 17,000 domains under WeSell.com in conjunction with Boris, Eddie is based in New York City.

Lawrence MichelsonAcquisition Specialist/Business Development
A San Francisco-based business developer with a technical background and a talent for creating successful business frameworks and structuring commercial transactions, Lawrence acquires companies for incubation in partnership with eCann, driving sales and marketing, managing brand creation and advising startups on product development and business strategy. Before joining eCann, Lawrence served as a regional sales manager at Pounce Consulting. Prior to that, he founded and successfully led Cubic Motion and New World Empire Trading Corporation.

Boris TsibelmanChief Technology Officer
With a strong tech background and extensive web development, marketing and analytics skills, Boris drives online and mobile strategy at eCann, developing CRM, email marketing, marketing automation, mobile development, SEO, SEM and social media marketing services. An emerging technology expert since high school, Boris has partnered with eCann CEO Eddie Miller for more than 15 years to develop highly successful sales and marketing platforms, including 17,000-plus domains operating under the WeSell.com umbrella. Boris lives and works in New York City.

David OsornoChief Creative Officer
David is responsible for developing and overseeing the design as well as branding of a vast portfolio of digital enterprises. He leads the creative trajectory, by guiding the entire design process from concept to execution. He is also responsible for constructing and optimizing eCann’s processes and workflows. David moved to New York City when he was just 10 years old from Colombia and has worked with eCann’s CEO Eddie Miller and CTO Boris Tsibelman since he was in high school starting at PromTime.com. There, he developed an expertise in graphic design, technology and data science.


Our Strengths are creating businesses and setting up the infrastructure, strategy, and supporting technology.

Our Business

Our Idea for eCann

The complete concept for eCann Media was born out of the idea that the Cannabis industry currently does not posses dominant players in any one particular sector or vertical.

The Big Data of Cannabis

Ali Baba Equivalent of the Cannabis industry

We are creating the same Ali-Baba style set of platforms for the Marijuana Industry

Matching Manufactures to Wholesalers

Matching Wholesalers to Retailers

Matching Retailers to Consumers


eCannabis.com is the world’s greatest and largest marijuana information resource. We have and are continuously aggregating ALL of the world’s Cannabis content as well as every possible product and service that’s available to be sold.

Cannabis Tourism




Green Card

Knowledge Base


Services We Offer


eCann Media Domain Assets


Top Level Niche Cannabis Brands


Cannabis Industry Related Domains

What we Intend to Accomplish

In the next 5 years leading up to the full legalization of marijuana in the US

eCannabis.com & eCann Media will serve as the worlds intersection for all consumer and commercial interaction.

Unique Content

Create Unique Content and aggregate all relevant content

Big Data

Collect Data across all possible mediums, then analyze and extrapolate maximum yield.

Customer Acquisition

Create deep profiles by gathering hundreds of data points on each potential consumer.

Through an effective dominance of content, customers, and information; individually by each sector of the cannabis industry, we have positioned ourselves to be “Big Cannabis”.

Our Value

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