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Within the Cannabis industry, there is no such dominant players or businesses yet! There is no Coca-Cola or Google nor is there an Entenmann’s or a Starbucks. There is no Nike and no Uber. Our audacious vision is to participate in the creation of a dominant position in each of the varying Cannabis and Vapor Industry Verticals. In the alcohol industry in the United States, there are many levels of vendor classification, as a direct result of regulation. The Cannabis industry will eventually experience a similar market regulation and specialization. Today, those rules have not even been invented or implemented in most states. Today, you can own a cultivation business, the distribution funnel, as well as the retail portion. Whereas in alcohol, there are growers, manufacturers, beer and spirit brands, distributors, retailers, and bars all separately owned and operated, here you can be completely vertically integrated. We are setting the industry ablaze with our approach. Not only are we aggregating all of the world’s known Marijuana content onto eCannabis.com, we are also taking it many steps further than that. Gathering huge swaths of data (Big Data) across multiple profile types (Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial); our initiatives are enabling us to achieve the objectives of efficiently identifying the millions of potential consumers to target with advertising; as well as in-depth business intelligence for the commercial enterprises vying to serve them. Through our constant development of techniques to harvest data across both sets of targets (business and consumer), we shall gain the requisite knowledge and build the tools necessary to properly monetize and capitalize across each Cannabis industry sector. We plan on launching hundreds of businesses, brands, and ventures in each niche category of the vast Cannabis, Vapor, and Hemp space.

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eCannabis.com & eCann Media will serve as the worlds intersection for all consumer and commercial interaction.


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