Will Marc Emery Spur Marijuana Legalization in Canada?

Writing for InvestorIntel, Dr. Luc Duchesne speculates that Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery’s return from US prison could bring the “escape velocity” that the marijuana industry needs to thrive outside Colorado and Washington.

Specifically, he thinks Emery may be able to spur the drug’s legalization in Canada, an event that could have an impact worldwide.

As quoted in the market news:

Mr Emery’s position may tip the marijuana scale toward legalization in Canada, which may have a watershed effect in corporate cannabis worldwide by forcing government endorsement at the highest legislative levels.

Mr. Emery is an iconic figure in the world of marijuana.  He has described himself as a “major financial backer of almost every pro-pot effort in North America and many more around the world.” He asserts that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in election campaigning for the Canadian Marijuana Party, BC Marijuana Party and the Vancouver Marijuana Party. He also claims to have funded numerous marijuana activist groups, paid for several major legal challenges to aspects of Canada’s cannabis laws, and made large donations to various pro-pot ballot initiatives in US states such as California, Nevada, Alaska and Arizona, plus financially backed pro-cannabis activities in New Zealand, Australia, Russia and elsewhere around the world.

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