Wildflower Marijuana Plans Tissue Culture Laboratory

Wildflower Marijuana Inc. (CSE:SUN) announced that its business plan now includes a tissue culture laboratory.

As quoted in the press release:

The Company’s plan was to set up a plant tissue culture laboratory to provide marijuana growing material rather than reproducing plants through traditional cuttings from a Mother Plant.  Historically, cloning has been the standard for reproducing marijuana plants.  There are many issues that arise with cloning including genetic drift, passing pests, contaminants, diseases or defects and less rigorous plants after multiple cuttings.

In response to these problems Wildflower sought a solution and found one of the top tissue culture specialists to join its advisory board and set up what we believe will be the very first marijuana tissue culture lab in North America.

William MacLean, president and CEO of Wildflower, commented:

The ability to pick the best plant and exponentially reproduce that exact plant is very exciting.  Even more exciting are the margins that can be had by producing millions of the same plant.   Further, this will allow Wildflower to start deriving revenue while we await Health Canada to issue our license.

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