Supreme Making “Significant Progress” at Ontario-based Greenhouse Facility

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CSE:SL) announced that it has made “significant progress” in terms of constructing and implementing security at its 342,000-square-foot greenhouse facility in Ontario.

The company anticipates being ready for a pre-license Health Canada inspection by November 2014.

As quoted in the press release:

Backed by strong support from the local municipality and business community, the Company has been able to move quickly to implement its proposed plan to produce up to 24,000,000 grams of medical marijuana, for which the Company has received a conditional pre-approval letter from Health Canada dated January 22, 2014 (the “Letter”).  The Letter sets forth the conditions pursuant to which the Company’s application to be a Licensed Producer under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (“MMPR”) may be granted, including the implementation and final inspection by Health Canada of certain cultivation, quality assurance, security and storage strategies.  The Company is already in receipt of the required security clearances for its key personnel, as required by Health Canada.  Locally, the Company has received all necessary approvals from the municipality, local law enforcement and local fire authorities.  Marcomm Security Systems Group Inc., 2013 Security Integrator of the Year, is currently working to complete the installation and commissioning of the electronic security systems to be utilized at the Greenhouse.  A level 8 storage vault capable of housing the Company’s production has been installed and the remaining physical security measures are near completion.

David Stadnyk, president and CEO of Supreme, commented:

Looking at the marketplace and the difficulties facing smaller licensed producers, we have decided to focus the majority of the Company’s resources on the Greenhouse.  Due to its size, local support the operational plan developed by management, the Greenhouse presents the opportunity to produce a large volume of high-quality, low-cost medical marijuana by applying commercial agriculture technology combined with the natural advantages of a greenhouse.

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