Obama Open to Supporting Medical Marijuana

The Hill reported that US President Barack Obama said Sunday in a CNN interview that he is open to supporting medical marijuana and believes “we should follow the science as opposed to ideology” on the issue. That said, Obama did not answer in the affirmative when asked if he would support a Senate bill aimed at axing federal restrictions on medical marijuana.

As quoted in the market news:

Obama’s interview aired as part of a CNN documentary on the eve of 4/20, an unofficial holiday for marijuana users.

The president has long faced pressure from marijuana legalization advocates to remove it from the federal government’s list of most dangerous drugs, a step that could lead to sweeping changes to the nation’s drug laws. Obama, however, has not endorsed such a move.

Public opinion has shifted over the past several years to back legalized marijuana. A Pew Research Center poll from March showed 53 percent of adults believe the drug should be legal.

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