Greenhouse Solutions, American Green to Form Joint Venture

Greenhouse Solutions Inc. (OTC Pink:GRSU) and American Green Inc. (OTC Pink:ERBB) announced plans to form a joint venture aimed at market and distributing two proprietary topical cannabidiol (CBD) products.

As quoted in the press release:

Utilizing Greenhouse Solutions’ highly-regarded science team, the Company will provide American Green with two base proprietary, proven topical pain formulations, one for humans and one for the equine market. American Green will provide their 99.5% pure CBD derived from hemp farmed in the EU to be incorporated at a select dosage into each product. The human topical formulation will be scent-free and will not have the hot or cold sensation found in many pain-relieving topical products currently available. The Equine product is a proven DMSO-based CBD infused topical, thus believed to amplify the product’s pain relieving qualities and allow for maximum absorption. The topical products are non-toxic, non-narcotic, non-addictive, non-steroidal and will not contain aspirin or acetaminophen.

Stephen Shearin, president of American Green, commented:

Partnering with Greenhouse Solutions for these products is only the beginning. They have the science team that can take our unique CBD isolate and create items capable of having a real, safe impact on human and equine well-being while simultaneously making a positive impact on company revenues. In addition, the products can be produced and sold in our ZaZZZ vending machines nationwide. This is potentially huge, because normally we can only charge for the use of our machines. This joint venture will allow American Green to also participate in retail sales wherever our machines are placed.

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