Our Business

Our Idea for eCann

The complete concept for eCann, Inc. was born out of the idea that the Cannabis industry currently does not posses dominant players in any one particular sector or vertical.

The Big Data of Cannabis


360 degree profiles across 150 potential characteristics


Industry Inner-Working Knowledge across 500 potential characteristics


Where? When? HOW MUCH? Potential Yields & Predictive analytics for the Creation of all Cannabis based products

Ali Baba Equivalent of the Cannabis industry

We are creating the same Ali-Baba style set of platforms for the Marijuana Industry

Matching Manufactures to Wholesalers

Matching Wholesalers to Retailers

Matching Retailers to Consumers


eCannabis.com is the world’s greatest and largest marijuana information resource. We have and are continuously aggregating ALL of the world’s Cannabis content as well as every possible product and service that’s available to be sold.

Cannabis Tourism




Green Card

Knowledge Base


Services We Offer


eCann, Inc. Domain Assets


Top Level Niche Cannabis Brands


Cannabis Industry Related Domains

What we Intend to Accomplish

In the next 5 years leading up to the full legalization of marijuana in the US

eCannabis.com & eCann, Inc. will serve as the worlds intersection for all consumer and commercial interaction.

Unique Content

Create Unique Content and aggregate all relevant content

Big Data

Collect Data across all possible mediums, then analyze and extrapolate maximum yield.

Customer Acquisition

Create deep profiles by gathering hundreds of data points on each potential consumer.

Through an effective dominance of content, customers, and information; individually by each sector of the cannabis industry, we have positioned ourselves to be “Big Cannabis”.

Our Value

Unique Social Profiles

By Creating Unique Social Profiles with 10-150 different identifying points, we are truly able to establish who the user is, their potential influence, and what they want.


Green Card Membership Profile

Green Card Holders are especially valuable because not only do we have unique social profiles, but we also have a much deeper profile of the consumer.

Sample Data Monetization

Analysis of our gathered Data, meta-data, and trends throughout the eCannabis network, as well as social media at large; allows us at the right moment to have the best vantage point for consumer/patient acquisition.


Reason #1: No Existing Dominant Players
No existing industry established monopolies or controlling entities.

Reason #2: Legalization velocity highest ever today
Progression of Americans that are for legalization (58% nationally)

Reason #3:
Countries with cannabis Friendly Laws

Reason #4: Only Company taking advantage of data
Hedged and vertically integrated (while there’s no rules against it) in all parts of the industry.

Reason #5: Utilizing the latest technology
Utilizing the latest technology and innovation to drive an industry that hasn’t even come close to deploying today’s available tech innovations.

Lead Value Calculator

Consumer Leads

Enter a number of leads below to calculate the total value.

We have consumer leads worth an average of $25 each.

Total Value = 1,250,000

Vendor Leads

Enter a number of leads below to calculate the total value.

We have vendor leads worth an average of $500 each.

Total Value = 7,500,000

Together we can become a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate.